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  1. Amitojsinghh

    Hard Talk Waxing Vs Trimming

    I am now 18 years old live in delhi and am a curious person who likes to contradict even the most basic principles that we as a sikhs have been taught. So I have this lingering question since I started to see relatives around me judging people to cut their hair. The question that I have is that...
  2. M

    Can Someone Answer My Question? (Trimming Beard)

    Sat Sri Akaal, Hello, I am a new Sikh and am wondering why I see a lot of older Sikh men who obviously trim their beards? Also, is it normal for a Sikh that has not taken Amrit to wear one or more of the 5K's? If I have in some way offended someone I apologize. Thanks for your help :):):)
  3. N

    Sikh News Players Thrown Out Of Meet For Trimming Hair

    PATIALA, NOVEMBER 23: A Patiala-based college controlled by the SGPC has triggered off a controversy by debarring Sikh students from a sports meet for trimming their beards and hair. The games, held on the Khalsa College campus under the patronage of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak...