Just Starting My Journey. Any Suggestions?

Discussion in 'New to Sikhism' started by JamesN, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Feb 24, 2010
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    I am brand new to Sikhism. After many years of disillusionment with religion, I gave up. It seemed like I could not find what satisfied my natural curious longing for the truth. I stumbled upon Sikhism while fumbling through some youtube videos. I found it strange to see images of both men and women in turbans and thought to myself, "they must be muslim". After I watched the video and found out the name of the religion was not Islam, but Sikhism, I wanted to learn more.
    I was floored to find the same views I had about God in Sikhism. But, I couldn't wrap my arms around this turban-thing because being raised in the United States, individuals were taught to believe all people who wear turbans are terrorist. As I started researching more into Sikhism, I found myself relating more and more.
    I believe in the concept of samsara, and believe that our actions in this life determine what will happen in the next life to come. I found that the turban issue was starting to become less of a 900 pound gorilla and more of a symbol of obedience and piety to the God.
    I have a lot to learn, but am enjoying every bit of information I get my hands on. My job is as a truck driver here in the United States and it delights me to see Sikh men who are drivers themselves. I am a bit shy and dont know what to say to the , but would love to meet them and ask question??
    What should I do and how do I approach a Sikh? Thanks for any suggestions and comments.
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    JamesN ji,

    When you meet a turbaned Sikh driver, then just bring the open palms of both your hands together, join them and just say "Sat Sri Akal". He sure will be floored. Working in America he is sure to have picked up at least a smattering of spoken American English. With that I am sure you will get along very well because Sikh drivers are known to be very gregarious. :happysingh:

    Narayanjot Kaur ji can give many more tips.

    Good luck in your exciting journey of discovery of Sikhism.


    Harbans Singh
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    JamesN ji

    We share this detail. The turban? I always knew somehow that a man in a turban was a Sikh and somehow knew that a Sikh was not a Muslim or a Hindu. What I could never figure was why a bunch of yoga teachers were wearing turbans, and got answers like -- They do it to assume an air of authority. Once clearing out that silly answer, I just jumped in with both feet and began to study, think, ask questions, read and reflect.

    Taxi drivers were my first introduction to Sikhism in action -- what it means to "serve" without judgment and without negativity. One taxi driver in particular has never been erased by memory because he was and who knows -- probably still is -- calm and curious about his world and positive all the time. But you should definitely seek out the company of the truck drivers. At least one truck driver that I know of is something of a scholar. So there must be others who are more than willing to discuss their views. You seem to have some background. You mention your belief in "samsara." Sikhs generally do not initiate conversatons about Sikhi. So why not be the one who opens the door? Start a conversation about reincarnation. And don't be surprised if you end up tapping a wide variety of answers. One topoic will lead to another and I cannot think of a single Sikh who will not discuss Sikhism if someone else begins that conversatoin.

    Othewise -- keep posting your questions here at SPN! Many of us do enjoy this kind of dialog.
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    all the best
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    Hi James welcome,

    Pleasse feel free to browse this site and its sister site Welcome to website about history of the sikhs.

    Read up as much as you can.The turban is just one small aspect of Sikhism. Feel free to explore and ask questions.

    Best Wishes.
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  7. harmanpreet singh

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    Hi James , Welcome

    as you are driver , i wish you smooth top gear journey !

    the turbaned woman in vid below is an Angel , her Sweet voice along Gurbani can guide you through out the journey , upto destination

    YouTube- Snatam Kaur - Aadays Tisai Aadays

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