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  1. A

    Starting On The Path

    Am I correct in thinking that the best way to start would be with nitnem and naam jap? If yes, what advice can anyone offer? And if not, then what would you advise? Thanks
  2. J

    Just Starting My Journey. Any Suggestions?

    I am brand new to Sikhism. After many years of disillusionment with religion, I gave up. It seemed like I could not find what satisfied my natural curious longing for the truth. I stumbled upon Sikhism while fumbling through some youtube videos. I found it strange to see images of both men and...
  3. rajbinder

    Pictures Of Sikh Parvs/Festivals/Events Starting With Hola Mohalla In Anandpur Sahib

    Dear friends, This thread is meant for sharing pictures of Sikh Parvs/Festivals/Events that you take with your own camera. To begin with, I am submitting here some pictures that were taken by me on Hola Mohalla at Anandpur Sahib, Punjab on 26th March, 2005. Some foreign sikhs also attended...