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Sikhism Japji Sahib: Way To God In Sikhism

Discussion in 'Book Reviews & Editorials' started by Aman Singh, Jul 25, 2008.

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    Jun 1, 2004
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    japji Sahib: Way to God in Sikhism
    By Maneshwar S. Chahal

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    • Amazon Sales Rank: #163716 in Books
    • Published on: 2007-01-30
    • Binding: Paperback
    <hr> Editorial Reviews

    Sikhism is the younger of the world's major religions, and is the most egalitarian and modern in practice. The scriptural authority for its followers is the "Sari Guru Granth Sahib". The founder of the Sikh faith is Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The "Japji Sahib" spells out the basic principles prescribed for a Sikh.

    <hr> Customer Reviews

    It is not uncommon to have doubts or questions in mind as one reads Gurbani or listens to a Gurbani rendering. Apart from the literal meaning of the words, it is more often the essence of a Shabad or a particular verse that causes dilema as it appears to be not in tune with some other Shabad. Even being fully convinced of limited ability to fully comprehend the divine composition, one allows mind to question the apparent contradictions treating it as claim of a Child to ask questions from his Father. The doubts get cleared a number of times after rehearsing and re-rehearsing in mind , but on many points they do persist due to inadequacy of human understanding. The confusion confronts much more the younger generations and those who have no exposure to Gurbani in original script. This book is a genuine and commendable attempt to clear conflicts and cobwebs in mind . While explaining the simple meaning as well as the essence of each 'Pauri' , author shares with the readers his views as to why interpretation by a particular Scholar or Tikakar has been followed in the book. This has been done by referring to the mystical, spiritual, religious, historical and social context. The style is participatory, the reader feels drawn in discussion and encouraged, as if, to add his own interpretation. I wish the book reaches the maximum number of followers and seekers of way to God.

    japji sahiba refreshing reminder not only for every sikh,but every of any reigion.[​IMG]
    A short history of sikh religion and a very well written in english, commentary of japji sahib.The author seems to have a very deep knowledge of sikh and other religions.He has quoted without criticism from all other religious books and authors with praise,not criticism.There were a lot of things which were new to me about the sikh religion .The book is enjoyable reading.One feels like reading again and again to reap the full benefit.I would recommend everyone to read this book not only to learn what our daily prayer means but to feel the wisdom and godly mind of The Great Guru Nanak.

    KNOW THE AUTHOR[​IMG] YOU could have been the author of such a book if YOU had done the following:-
    (Only some examples given to save your time!)
    1. Have your basement full of books (personal collection of thousands). Read every imaginable literature for over 50 years, including comics, science fiction, humour, philosophy etc and wrote poetry and prose yourself.
    2. Studied various religious philosophies (with deep respect), understood and practiced your own religion (faithfully).
    3. Published a book and did not tell anyone (except your family).
    4. Graduated in Science and Engineering, did military service with honour.
    5. Cycled over 100 miles in one day. Walked 80 miles up the mountain.
    6. Were an Administrative Head in the Government of a State (population over 24 million) in the field of Education, Law and Order etc
    7. Were the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of a major National Bank.
    8. Served as a prominent member of the Human Rights Commission of a State (Ref-6 above)
    This author has all that rich experience behind him. He has researched /analysed almost all (over 26) major views available on the subject and then given his own valuable opinion.
    The reader is likely to have the satisfaction of reading not one book but 26+1.
    I am proud to say that I personally know the Author for the last almost 40 years.
    Wish you happy reading.
    May the Almighty Bless You.

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    Aman ji,

    Really good post. A book I want to buy and read. :cool:
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