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JAP - The Verses of  Guru Nanak

JAP The Verses Of Guru Nanak 2016-04-04

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Jun 1, 2004
Admin Singh submitted a new resource:

JAP The Verses of Guru Nanak - Dedicated to The Inquisitive Minds to explore the Philosophy of Nanak — the founder of Sikhism.

Jap is the most translated bani (words). There are some 150 translations of this bani in mostly Indian languages and English. Why then do we need yet another translation? Because despite being the most translated, Jap remains the least understood bani. Many reasons can be advanced for such a lament, but the primary cause is that the Sikh masses themselves have shrugged their spiritual duty to understand bani.

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Sikhs have by and large mistranslated “Jap” to mean...

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