Interfaith Council Of Southern Nevada Presents Interfaith Forums 2011

Tejwant Singh

It is our duty as Sikhs to come out of the cocoons of our Gurdwaras and participate in the society we live in. Being pro-active is one of our Sikhi tenets. Ignorance of others is our fault. We should educate people of different faiths about who we are and what we stand for.

Having Vaisakhi Parades once a year in the streets of various cities is well and good but all goes in vain if we do not participate in The Interfaith Forums and create a dialogue with other religions.

Talking about the Interfaith Forum,we are having one, sponsored by the Interfaith Council here divided in 5 different dates starting from October 9th to November 20th. Each date has a different topic.

Out of 5 topics, one religion is maximum allowed 3 and the speaker has to talk for 6 minutes which will be followed by questions and answers. We were fortunate enough to be allotted 3 out of 5 the max number. Many are allotted less than that.

I would urge the members of this forum who live in different parts of the US, Canada, UK and other parts of the world to look for Interfaith Councils in their respective areas and participate in the forums.

This is the way we can share the universal message of Sikhi to all.

We can also have a weekly discussion on each topic at SPN. I wil leave its feasibility with the Forum Administrators.

Tejwant Singh




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By all means post the topics, and let me help with a title thread so that these are kept together as a unified grouping of topics. Otherwise things will go in all directions. A great idea and very creative. I look forward to it. :)