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  1. A_seeker

    Gurmat Discussion Forums Online

    SSA, i have been looking inti the various discussion of sikhawareness forum.To my suprise it doesn't seems to preach authentic Gurmat philosophy .I find it more of a vedantic influenced website.Some of the discussion is typically aggressive. Please share your opinion .Is it woth joining the...
  2. Admin

    A Visual Presentation On Navigating SPN Forums More Efficiently

    Please follow the link: http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/view.php?pg=forum-navigation-help All the Best!
  3. Tejwant Singh

    Interfaith Council Of Southern Nevada Presents Interfaith Forums 2011

    It is our duty as Sikhs to come out of the cocoons of our Gurdwaras and participate in the society we live in. Being pro-active is one of our Sikhi tenets. Ignorance of others is our fault. We should educate people of different faiths about who we are and what we stand for. Having Vaisakhi...
  4. spnadmin

    SikhRI SikhRI Hosts Educational Forums To Commemorating 100 Years Of Sikh Pioneers In Abbotsford

    ABBOTSFORD – Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) headed to Abbotsford, British Columbia (BC), to participate in the first series of events as part of a year-long celebration of the Gur Sikh Temple, the oldest standing gurduara in Canada. On the way north, there was also a stop in the Pacific...
  5. Admin

    How To Post At SPN Forums?

    Get the most out of your posts. Shows how to insert pics, attachments, make links and more. This answers a lot of newbie questions. YouTube - How to Post - Energetic Forum - Vbulletin YouTube - Grizzly Central Tutorial - Posting in Vbulletin
  6. M

    The Abuse Of Sikh Forums

    Dear All, All of us who have been using the net for a while have come to understand what constitutes 'proper conduct' or in computer parlance 'netiquettes'. When we deliberately defy the netiquettes with a malicious intent over a long period of time not just on one forum but many forums...
  7. Admin

    Forums Are Up Again !

    The forums went blank for 2-3 hours owning to a technical glitch while implementing a new feature. We apologise for the trouble thus caused. We do hope testing phase of new version of the software does not present us with such blankouts too frequently. Let us keep our fingres crossed. :)
  8. Admin

    To Do List - SPN Forums Upgrade

    GurFateh Everybody !! You will be glad to know that the initial upgradation process went through quite smoothly and we are now back to our normal level of operations as far as SPN forums are concerned. Please note that some of posted messages yesterday will be restored shortly. Some of the...
  9. N

    Annoucement - SPN Forums Scheduled For Version Upgrade

    Fateh All, Its time for a change!! SPN Discussion Forum Software is slated for a big version upgrade in coming days, so please don't be surprised if our website is down for a few hours sometime in next few days. The new version promises to add some more value to your stay over here with...
  10. N

    Annoucement : Suggest A New Punchline For SPN Discussion Forums

    ((((((( Venture into a fascinating philosophy of Sikhism )))))))) Fateh Ji, There is one thing constant in this world and that is change... and its time to change the punch line of SPN Discussion Forums... Let us see whose punchline gets selected... Each entry will be added to the Poll in this...
  11. N

    Some Database Errors While Navigating SPN Forums

    We have noticed some database errors while performing search option or checking recent posts... Kindly bear with us as we are in process of identifying this annoying error... it will be rectified soon.... Thanks for your cooperation. Regards