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Sikh Coalition Indianapolis Sikhs Meet With Congressmen To Promote WRFA Legislation


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
[ http://www.sikhcoalition.org ]

Indianapolis Sikhs Meet with Congressman Burton to Promote WRFA Legislation

Coalition Urges Sikhs Nationwide to Organize Group Visits to Local Congressional Offices*

Last week, volunteers from the Indianapolis Sikh community met with Congressman Dan Burton to secure his co-sponsorship of the forthcoming Workplace Religious Freedom Act (WRFA) legislation. This proposed federal law would end most forms of employment discrimination against Sikhs and other people of faith.

During the meeting, Congressman Burton expressed support for the WRFA legislation and received a petition letter signed by "several hundred" members of the local sangat.

We call on all Sikhs to organize delegations of Sikhs to visit the local offices of their Members of Congress. This is the best way "you "can support WRFA. The Sikh Coalition will help you organize visits to your local Congressional offices.*

The Sikh Coalition is truly inspired by the initiative of the Indianapolis Sikh community and encourages Sikhs nationwide to organize petition drives and group visits to their local Congressional offices. If you are willing to organize a visit to "your" local Congressional office, please contact the Coalition's Advocacy Team at legislative@sikhcoalition.org [ mailto:legislative@sikhcoalition.org ] for more information.

*It is critical for the Sikh voice to be heard.*

The Coalition offers gratitude to the entire Sikh community of Indianapolis for amplifying the Sikh voice in the cause of promoting workplace religious freedom. We encourage Sikhs nationwide to do the same.
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