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    USA Indianapolis Woman Raped Repeatedly While Kept At Far Southside Apartment

    Indianapolis woman raped repeatedly while kept at Far Southside apartment Indystar - Bill McCleery - Aug. 12, 2013 7:37 AM Lakhvir Singh / Photo provided by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police An Indianapolis man faces sentencing this week for the rape, battery and strangulation of a...
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    Sikh Coalition Indianapolis Sikhs Meet With Congressmen To Promote WRFA Legislation

    [ ] Indianapolis Sikhs Meet with Congressman Burton to Promote WRFA Legislation Coalition Urges Sikhs Nationwide to Organize Group Visits to Local Congressional Offices* Last week, volunteers from the Indianapolis Sikh community met with Congressman Dan...
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    Sikh News Greenwood Board To Vote On Sikh Temple (The Indianapolis Star)

    The Greenwood Board of Zoning Appeals tonight will vote on a special exception to allow a Sikh temple on the city's east side. More...
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    Celebrities Put Scientology In Forefront (The Indianapolis Star)

    What's going on with Tom Cruise lately? Can you say midlife crisis, Hollywood style? In addition to mooning like a lovesick teenager over his new girlfriend (now fiancee), he's also wearing his Scientology badge with a lot more pride these days...
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    Writing Agrees With Madonna (The Indianapolis Star)

    Pop singer is happy being a mom, creating books for kids. Every couple of years, Madonna re-emerges. Sometimes it's with a CD; sometimes it's with a movie; sometimes, unfortunately, it's with a fragrance...
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    ICLU Leaders Balance Freedom And Faith (The Indianapolis Star)

    Organization's stand on separation of church and state has fostered an anti-religious image. Ken Falk keeps a Bible verse on the wall in his office...