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Leisure How To Wear A Thicker Chunni?

Harkiran Kaur


Jul 20, 2012
This question is for the girls peacesignkaur

I just got two new suits today... one is VERY dressy (it has a lot of beadwork and a very heavy chunni. I plan to only wear it at dressy events like a wedding or maybe Diwali etc.) But not sure how to drape the chunni... I can't do the normal around the neck with both ends handing down the back because it's a heavy chunni. I could almost wear this suit as my OWN bridal suit!!! (except that it's light green... and red is more appropriate for bridal) But the chunni is THAT embellished. Just wondering what to do with it if I wear this suit to a special occasion where I don't need my head covered, but need some way to wear this! The only way I have ever seen heavy chunnis like this worn is pinned to the head as in bridal style.

And the second is a pink chiffon suit with navy and gold in the fabric. It's pretty plain as in no beadwork etc, but the fabric itself is luxurious. The salwar are navy blue and it's a beautiful simple suit!!! The chunni is the same chiffon material as the kameez... and is kind of thick though. I HAD planned to wear this suit to the Gurdwara since it's pretty plain, but the chunni when I try to put it on my head doesn't want to sit right. I can't toss both ends around the back as I do with many of the other ones I have which are thin, because this one bunches up and bubbles up in the front on my neck, and doesn't want to sit right! I may have to drape it open so that it hangs more like a shawl with part over my head but I am not sure how to drape it that way! Can someone help me with step by step how to wear it more as a shawl style with head covered, and add a photo maybe?? lol. I think it would sit like that ok, but when I try to bunch it up and drape it one or both around back of my shoulders its too thick and just bubbles up.

Thanks in advance! :happykudi: