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  1. M

    Can I Wear A Dumalla

    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Firstly I am new to this site and I would like to thank the owners of this site for giving Sikh's an open forum for discussion. I am 41 years old and only started keeping my hair and wearing a Pagg 3 years ago. Currently the style of Pagg I...
  2. aristotle

    World Sikh Man In Finland Wins The Right To Wear Turban At Work

    A Sikh bus driver in Finland has won a year-long legal battlewith his employer to wear a turban at work. Gill Sukhdarshan Singh won the dispute against his employer Veolia Transport Vantaa following an agreement between the Transport Workers Union (AKT) and the employers' organisation (ALT)...
  3. aristotle

    USA US Sikhs Attain Legal Victory, Allowed To Wear Turbans In Driving License Photos

    A Sikh American has won a legal victory in the US state of Minnesota allowing Sikhs to wear their turbans in driving license identification photographs. The major legal victory for Sikh Americans came yesterday when Jatinder Singh of Blaine, Minnesota and SALDEF (Sikh American Legal Defense...
  4. spnadmin

    USA Pentagon To Relax Rules On Personal Religious Wear — Including Beards, Turbans

    Pentagon to relax rules on personal religious wear — including beards, turbans Brett Flashnick http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2014/01/22/22376938-pentagon-to-relax-rules-on-personal-religious-wear-including-beards-turbans?lite U.S. Army Spc. Simran Lamba, center, the first enlisted...
  5. spnadmin

    World Sikh Bus Driver Wins Right To Wear Turban In Vantaa

    Sikh bus driver wins right to wear turban in Vantaa http://yle.fi/uutiset/sikh_bus_driver_wins_right_to_wear_turban_in_vantaa/6708848 The Ombudsman for Minorities has hailed the decision as a move toward greater diversity in Finnish workplaces. A bus company’s ban on a driver’s use...
  6. spnadmin

    Pacific Australia Mulls Allowing Sikhs To Wear Turban At Work

    Australia mulls allowing Sikhs to wear turban at work http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/nri/other-news/Australia-mulls-allowing-Sikhs-to-wear-turban-at-work/articleshow/20225248.cms SYDNEY: Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said that she would look into the issue of allowing...
  7. spnadmin

    World Sikh Man Fights For His Right To Wear Turban In Finland

    Sikh man fights for his right to wear turban in Finland by Gill Sukhdarshan Singh and Sukhnavdeep Singh Gill|Veolia http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/nri/other-news/Sikh-man-fights-for-his-right-to-wear-turban-in-Finland/articleshow/20191148.cms LONDON: A Sikh bus driver in Finland...
  8. spnadmin

    World Sikhs Win & Exercise Right To Wear Kirpan In European Parliament

    Sikhs win & exercise right to wear the Kirpan in European Parliament in Brussels to meet MEPs By HAINDER SINGH http://www.sikhsiyasat.net/2013/01/26/sikhs-win-exercise-right-to-wear-the-kirpan-in-european-parliament-in-brussels-to-meet-meps/ Brussels, Belgium (January 26, 2013): The...
  9. Harkiran Kaur

    Leisure How To Wear A Thicker Chunni?

    This question is for the girls peacesignkaur I just got two new suits today... one is VERY dressy (it has a lot of beadwork and a very heavy chunni. I plan to only wear it at dressy events like a wedding or maybe Diwali etc.) But not sure how to drape the chunni... I can't do the normal...
  10. namjiwankaur

    Petition At Change.org To Allow NYPD Sikhs To Wear Turbans

    From Change.org Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Allow Sikhs in NYPD to wear turbans and beards Sign the Petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/mayor-michael-bloomberg-allow-sikhs-in-nypd-to-wear-turbans-and-beards
  11. Harkiran Kaur

    Will I Offend Anyone If I Wear A Punjabi Suit (Salwar Kameez) To Gurdwara?

    I have found since going to the Gurdwara the past few weeks, that western pants (even loose khakis) are decidedly uncomfortable sitting cross legged on the floor for long periods. I mentioned to the people who have been giving me rides (he is a white convert and full Amrit, and she is Punjabi...
  12. findingmyway

    USA MTA Turban Policy: NYC Transit Allows Sikh And Muslim Employees To Wear Turbans Without Agency Logo

    (RNS) Sikh and Muslim transit workers in New York City are celebrating the settlement of a federal lawsuit that will allow them to wear turbans on the job, in public and without affixing Metropolitan Transit Authority logos to them. They will just have to be the same blue color as the MTA...
  13. Scarlet Pimpernel

    In 300 Years, Will A Sikh Wear A Kirpan Or A Lightsaber?

    Dear Spn-Sangat Recently my Amritdhari brother in law was robbed in Texas by an armed man.He wears a Sri Sahib but when the gun was pointed directly in his face he decided being a family man that it was better to give the gunman what he wanted which was money in this case.This got me thinking...
  14. spnadmin

    India Sikh Airport Staff May Be Allowed To Wear Symbolic Kirpan

    AMRITSAR: Sikh employees of international airports in India may not get the concession to wear kirpan while working airside. Sikh's single largest representative body, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), is all set to lay seize to Sri Guru Ramdas International airport on June 8 th ...
  15. spnadmin

    UK Prison Guard Told He Can't Wear His Sikh Dagger In Jail

    y Claire Duffin And Catherine Oakes Cduffin A SIKH prison officer sacked for wearing a religious dagger in jail has lost a legal challenge against his dismissal. Jagdip Singh Dhinsa, 26, of Derby, had worked at Dovegate Prison for three weeks when he was sacked for carrying the knife, known as...
  16. Archived_Member16

    Baptized Sikh Employees Not To Wear 'Kirpan' Near Aircraft

    May 12, 2011 Baptized Sikh employees not to wear 'kirpan' near aircraft Yudhvir Rana, TNN | May 12, 2011, 07.02pm IST AMRITSAR: Central Industrial Security Force has banned the Sikh employees to wear 'kirpan', Sikh's religious symbol, while performing their duties on airside at Sri...
  17. B

    Does It Matter How You Wear Your Kirpan?

    I recently began to wear all of the 5 k's, and being left handed, i wore my gatra on the left shoulder, with my kirpan hanging by my right hip. Now i thought this wasn't a problem, but almost every time somebody sees my kirpan on "the other side" they say what are you doing, you're wearing it...
  18. G

    FAQs What Are The 5 K's, Why Must Sikhs Wear Them, And What Is Their Purpose?

    WJKK WJKF I was hoping you could add this question to the FAQ. Feel free to delete this and replace it with an answer. Thanks. WJKK WJKF
  19. Vikram singh

    USA American-Born Teen Deported After Failing To Wear A Seat Belt?

    Nineteen-year-old Luis Alberto Delgado should have been wearing a seat belt: not only was his safety at sake, but failing to buckle up is illegal, and I know how many readers here feel about illegal acts. Normally, the offense is punishable by a fine of $25 to $50 in Texas, where Delgado and his...
  20. spnadmin

    Sikh Busmen Win Battle To Wear Turbans (31 Years Ago, The Guardian Archives)

    WOLVERHAMPTON, WEDNESDAY The Sikh employees of Wolverhampton Transport Committee have won their battle to wear their turbans while working on the town's buses. The committee decided today to lift its ban after a last-minute intervention by the Department of Employment and Productivity...