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  1. spnadmin

    Controversial Maloney Efforts Pave Way For Sikhs To Wear Turbans In Army

    Maloney efforts pave way for Sikhs to wear turbans in Army Maloney efforts pave way for Sikhs to wear turbans in Army > YourNabe.com > Queens City and congressional officials honored two Sikh U.S. Army officers who have been granted permission to wear their turbans and beards while on duty...
  2. G

    Do You Wear Kara?

    Do You Wear Sikh Kara? :khanda3: Sikh Kara Bracelet is an iron bracelet that binds the Sikh, who is wearing it, to God. The Sikh Kara is used to remind the Sikh to do the right deeds. The Sikh Kara is usually worn in the predominant hand so that the Sikh can see the Sikh Kara whenever he...
  3. Admin

    Sikh News Brampton Stabbing Revives Debate Over Right To Wear Kirpan - Another Perspective

    At first, Manjit Mangat didn’t even realize he had been stabbed. All he registered at the time was the crush of the mob surrounding him as he lay on the ground, battered and slipping in and out of consciousness. It wasn’t until much later, when he collapsed in the hospital while trying to...
  4. S

    Opinion Should We Let Jedi’s Wear Lightsabers To The Office?

    Should We Let Jedi’s Wear Lightsabers To The Office? The Mind Of An Atheist With the census coming up next year I am reminded of the stupidity of the religion results from the last one. Nearly 400,000 people listed their religion as Jedi in a mocking bid to get it recognised as a bona fide...
  5. spnadmin

    Controversial Female Muslim Doctors Allowed To Wear Disposable Sleeves For Modesty: Official Guidance

    Female Muslim doctors allowed to wear disposable sleeves for modesty: official guidance - Telegraph Female Muslim doctors and nurses are to be allowed to wear disposable sleeves in order to comply with NHS rules to prevent the spread of hospital superbugs. All staff involved in...
  6. spnadmin

    Let Sikh Pupils Wear Ceremonial Daggers, Judge Says

    Let Sikh pupils wear ceremonial daggers, judge says Let Sikh pupils wear ceremonial daggers, judge says | World news | guardian.co.uk Britain's first Asian judge Sir Mota Singh says Sikhs should not be banned from wearing kirpans to school or work Britain's first Asian judge has called for...
  7. Vikram singh

    Sikh News House Panel Votes To Allow Teachers To Wear Head Scarves, Other Religious Dress

    House panel votes to allow teachers to wear head scarves, other religious dress By Betsy Hammond, The Oregonian February 05, 2010, 5:27PM After more than two hours of charged testimony and debate, the House Education Committee voted 6-4 this afternoon in favor of a bill that would end...
  8. Vikram singh

    Sikh News Oregon Teachers May Get OK To Wear Religious Clothing In Class

    Teachers are likely to win the right to wear religious clothing such as turbans, yarmulkes, crosses and headscarves in public schools when the Oregon Legislature meets in February, elected officials say. Oregon's prohibition on allowing teachers to exercise their faith by covering their...
  9. Archived_Member16

    Sikhs Permitted To Wear Ceremonial Daggers To Olympic Events

    Sikhs permitted to wear ceremonial daggers to Olympic events Thursday, October 15, 2009 The Kirpan is a Sikh religious symbol comparable to the Christian cross. Initiated Sikh men will be permitted to wear ceremonial daggers less than 7.5 inches in length to Vancouver 2010 Winter Games...
  10. Tejwant Singh

    The Janeus We Wear

    Are some of us back to wearing janeus (the Hindu sacred thread) that the child Guru Nanak had refused to don even at the tender age of seven? By the look of the rituals performed everyday at Harmandar Sahib, for example, it seems that we are. In order to express my viewpoint, I would like to...
  11. Admin

    Sikh News Sikhs Secure Right To Wear Kirpan In US

    Sikhs Secure Right to Wear Kirpan in 61 Schools in Six States of USA BATTLE CREEK(USA): Sikhs moved one step further in their continuous struggle to practice their religion freely.National Heritage Academies has acknowledged that they will allow Sikh students to wear the Kirpan in their...
  12. Admin

    FAQs Do Girls And Women Also Wear Turbans?

    Yes. Girls and women have the choice of wearing of a turban.
  13. Admin

    But Why Don't You Wear A Turban ?

    YouTube - This Is Why Sikhs are Hot (from the Sikh Coalition) Yes, I wear Turban. Yes, i wear turban because I am a Sikh. Yes, i wear turban because I am proud of being a Sikh. But why don't you wear a TURBAN ? Why you trim your beard ? Why you wear a cap instead of Dastar ? Just think again.
  14. Admin

    It’s Cool To Be Sikh, But Cooler If You Wear A Turban

    There maybe an answer to the continuing dilemma for the Sikh community – a lack of men wanting to wear a turban. Well the answer is simple, make it cool to have a turban, create some positive vibes around this important issue of identity. Recently we have seen an increase in the amount of...
  15. spnadmin

    When You Wear Religious Garb: Challenges And Rewards

    updated 11:34 p.m. EST, Wed February 18, 2009 Challenges, rewards for those who wear faith on their sleeve Sangat ji, follow this link, and discover the rewards of wearing garb of religious identity. Challenges, rewards for those who wear faith on their sleeve - CNN.com
  16. Vikram singh

    Sikh Loses Right To Wear Turban In Driving License Photo

    LONDON: A Sikh person has lost the right to wear turban in his driving licence photograph, following a ruling by a European court. Shingara Singh Mann, a French national, had appealed to the European Court of Human Rights to give him the right to wear a turban while being snapped for his...
  17. K

    Is It Possible For Poor Sikhs To Wear Turban

    :shutup:Here is the news of attack on sikh taxi driver ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sikh taxi driver assaulted in Seattle- Hindustan Times In what the police say may have been a hate crime, a Sikh taxi driver was brutally assaulted...
  18. Archived_Member16

    Christianity Sikh Minister Supports Right To Wear Crucifix

    http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2005/dec/05120803.html Sikh Minister Supports Right of UK School Girl to Wear Crucifix to School By John-Henry Westen DERBY, UK, December 8, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The news that a 16-year-old UK school girl was suspended for wearing a crucifix at a school where...
  19. A

    Why Sikhs Wear A Naked Kara?

    Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakal! Dear Sadh Sangat Ji, I have a question. Sikhs keep and wear five Kakaars. Those are namely Kangha (a comb), Kachha (underwear), Kes (hair), Kirpan (a sword) and Kara (a bangle). Kangha and Kes are covered with the turban. The pants or...
  20. Tejwant Singh

    The Janaieues We Wear

    The Janaieues We Wear By Tejwant Singh Are we creating and thus wearing Janaieues that Baal Guru Nanak refused to wear at the age of seven? By the look of the rituals performed everyday at Harmandir Sahib, it seems that we are. In order to express my view point, I would like to share what...