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General How To Tie Parna ?

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General How To Tie Parna ?


Apr 24, 2011
Satshriakal g ...

I want to learn to tie a parna . I know how to tie turban but i cannot tie turban everytime . I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to tie parna for daily use &

I used to wear cap when i was in hurry but i dont want to wear cap again in my life so plz



Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
I will try putting it in words. My use of english might not be best to put forth the way:

Take a wide parna (more than half a metre wide) and around 2-3 mtr long. Pick by 2 ends and place the length along your forehead. Keeping the length in place, tie back the 2 ends behind your head. Now you have a knot and rest of the length is free. Use the rest of length to tie around your head, going bit by bit higher at each turn. If it is 3 mtr you might get 2-3 turns on your Parna.

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