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  1. Importance of Dastar (in Punjabi)

    Importance of Dastar (in Punjabi)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKbP0tLOG1A Dr. Sukhpreet Singh Udhoke
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    Canada Students Try On Turbans For First Time At Whatcom Community College

    BELLINGHAM — For at least one day, people not wearing a turban were the minority in the student center at Whatcom Community College. On Tuesday, March 10, the college held a Turban Awareness Day in the Syre Student Center on campus. The event attracted community members and students who wanted...
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    Turban Display Uncovers Sikh History

    Turban display uncovers Sikh history An exhibition in Birmingham aims to raise awareness of the history of the turban and its significance for Sikhs British Sikhs' religion requires them to leave their hair uncut, and the turban is the most popular way for men to encase this long hair. But the...
  4. I

    General How To Tie Parna ?

    Satshriakal g ... I want to learn to tie a parna . I know how to tie turban but i cannot tie turban everytime . I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to tie parna for daily use & I used to wear cap when i was in hurry but i dont want to wear cap again in my life so plz
  5. spnadmin

    He Can Teach You How To Tie A Turban

    Dial a turban? :orangesingh:
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    Inspirational Pagri By Rabbi Shergill

    YouTube - Rabbi shergill - pagri
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    FAQs How Long Is The Fabric For A Pagri?

    A pagri is usually between 10-15 feet long. It does not seem as long when it is properly tied because it is folded.
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    Sikhism The Tying Of A Sikh Turban

    YouTube - The Tying of a Sikh Turban
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    Sikh Model In Kenneth Cole Ad

    Kenneth Cole's new advertisement campaign is called "We all Walk in Different Shoes", and focuses on "Non-Uniform" thinkers. i was happy to see that it includes a young Sikh entrepenure, Sonny Caberwal. http://www.kennethcole.com/thinkers/bio6.asp check out his ad talking about being...