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Hard Talk How Many Sikhs Have Married Out Of Caste/race?

Have You Married Out of Your Caste/Race/Tribe? Why or Why Not?

  • Yes

    Votes: 113 38.4%
  • No

    Votes: 181 61.6%

  • Total voters


Apr 16, 2018
I'm marrying outside the religion.
Because like the guru tells us "There is no Ninja, There is no Pastafarians."


Apr 16, 2018
I find this question funny because:
1. Sikhi is a FAITH / RELIGION and NOT a race. It's not even a culture. (Though some may argue).
2. The question supposes that all Sikhs are of one common [race?] which is not true... well it IS true... there is only ONE race, being the human race. All Sikhs are human! But I digress... maybe we should say culture or ethnicity instead? All Sikhs are not comprised of one culture/ethnicity.

So how should I answer? I am caucasian, born and raised in Canada. I follow Sikhi of my own accord. I married a Punjabi Sikh. Do I answer 'yes' because I married outside my [culture/ethnicity] being caucasian?? LOL
Here, Here!
Sikhi is a faith, Sikhism is the culture. This is why the Wholly Marines say it's Sikhi without the Sikhism.


May 12, 2016
If I married a girl who is part 1/5th part Vedic Aryan, 1/5th part Dravidian, 1/5th part Greek, 1/5th part Turk, and 1/5th part Mongol ... does that count?

But seriously... I did marry outside my caste (none), race (gora), and religion (Christian)

I figure I am doing my Christian in-laws an invaluable service. These proselytizing Abrahamics need somebody to pray for, right?

I hope Jesus takes it into consideration when I die!

It depends

Someone's beliefs can mould them.

A Muslim can have 4 wives and can do alot of other things also according to his faith..

Which is the only reason why I don't think I could marry a practicing one. I think it may potentially be disastrous for me especially in these times. However I have Muslim friends and love them dearly like brothers and sisters, and their kids like sons and daughters.

I am certainly open to marrying a good soul who practices their faith in a humane manner

Skin color doesn't mean anything, and alot of punjabis are just straight up racist, many of my family members included.

They don't understand that we're One

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