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Sikhism How God Changes Your Brain - A Book Review By Amarpal Singh


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Khalsa Ji,

There was a suggestion that I post my review of the book I was reading 'How God Changes Your Brain'

I am doing so now after having read the book.


The purpose of this book is to explain to a layperson how the religious and spiritual practices alter the functioning of the person’s brain and the consequent impact of the person’s attributes and behavior and thus on individual’s personality. The content of this book helps the person to appreciate better the purpose of religious and spiritual practices.

With the data to support what the author writes in his book, it is brought out very nicely that the connections between the neurons (the basic unit of our brain) get altered – some connections get deactivated and other get formed (this is referred to as neuro-plasticity) As a result some of the functional units of the brain slow down and even sleep while the other become more active to control the person’s behavior. Without loading the reader with the complexities of the brain, the author has introduced all the functional units that get influenced by religious and spiritual practices. He conclude rightly that religious and spiritual practice make us a better human Yet he cautions that the direction in which the person evolves depends on the concept of God that the person holds, its belief and values in life.
The author very convincingly inform the reader the health (physical and mental), social and spiritual benefits that result from Jaap and Meditation. The author explains how the same benefits can be obtained in secular way also and evolves a religious neutral meditation processes through which people can find serenity.

The book details the exercise to keep body and brain healthy.

The author has very effectively developed the concept of ‘Compassionate Discussion’ which in his opinion can help unite people.
To summarise, I say that it is a useful book for serious readers.

With love and respect for all.

Amarpal Singh

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