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How Can You Free Gurudwaras From Illetrate Baba's And From Fundamentalists(attbadi)?


Jan 7, 2006
We go to Gurudwaras listen to Kirtan without description of Guru Granth Sahib? Kids born in foreign countries don't understand even a single word, how can they retain their sikhism values. Fundamentalist sikhs(more like Taliban) with big flowing beards try to scare educated peacefull people by imposing their blind teachings which are much like Islam. Why do we have to sit on floor to eat langar, does Waheguru Ji or God cares where and how do we eat langar? No, God does not care, all God cares is how much you meditate and remember god. Guru Nanak Dev Ji showed us clear path by preaching us about God who lives everywhere, around us, in our heart, in every particle, atom, molecule. Guru Ji kept us away from superstitions and from unnecessary blind beliefs which these fundamentalists are trying to impose on us. These fundamentalists go to every Gurudwara to scare peacefull people. People should not listen to them and bring cops whenever they use scare tactics, they don't want to spread sikhism but stop right away spread of sikhism.
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