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  1. spnadmin

    Goa Government Promoting Gurudwaras To Strengthen Religious Tourism

    Goa government promoting Gurudwaras to strengthen religious tourism Panaji: In an attempt to boost religious tourism, Goa Government is promoting Gurudwaras in the coastal state to attract Sikh pilgrims from northern states of the country. Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC)...
  2. itsmaneet

    Partition Voting In Gurudwaras . Right/Wrong ?

    Recently SAD (Badal) won the elections conducted for DSGPC, Delhi & defeated Sarna Brothers .... I wonder whether voting is the right way for electing Committee (Sewadars) or some other better option can be tried .... for instance I feel forming Sewadar on 'Sarab Sehmati' is better option ....
  3. spnadmin

    India NRI Sikhs Come Together For Green Cause In Gurudwaras

    NRI Sikhs come together for Green cause in Gurudwaras By Abhijit Prashar http://punjabnewsline.com/news/NRI-Sikhs-come-together-for-Green-cause-in-Gurudwaras.html CHANDIGARH: In a major initiative, a Washington-based international Sikh group, EcoSikh, has begun preparations to observe...
  4. H

    India Why Selection System Is Better Than Election System In Running The Sikh Gurudwaras

    Why Selection System is Better than Election System in Running the Sikh Gurudwaras – Binder Kaur Management of Gurdwaras Election must give way to Selection. The outcome of the Gurdwara Reform Movement (1920-25) has been a greater disservice to the Sikh community than is generally realized...
  5. Kanwaljit.Singh

    General Lack Of Volunteers At Langar In Gurudwaras

    Source http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com//articleshow/10686720.cms?intenttarget=no After industry and agriculture in Punjab, it seems even the institution of community kitchen or langar in gurdwaras - started by the first Sikh master and a symbol of equality among all sections of the society...
  6. A

    Why Is A Head-Covering Mandatory In Gurudwaras?

    Why Covering Heads is menedatory in Gurudwaras ?What is reason behind it .
  7. spnadmin

    USA US-based Sikhs To Obama: Visit Gurudwaras In Pakistan

    WASHINGTON: Disappointed, but determined not to give up, the Sikh community in the US now wants President Barack Obama to visit gurudwaras in Pakistan when he visits the country next year, after Amritsar's Golden Temple was not included in his India trip in November. "With the White House's...
  8. spnadmin

    Controversial Memorial March Foiled; Police Surrounded Gurudwaras, More Sikhs Arrested

    Memorial March foiled; Police surrounded Gurudwaras, More Sikhs arrested. Memorial March foiled; Police surrounded Gurudwaras, More Sikhs arrested.|SikhSiyasat.net – Sikh News and Multimedia. Mohali/Patiala/ Ropar (June 1, 2010): Punjab government unleashed ‘state terror’ to sabotage...
  9. Admin

    Why Some Gurudwaras Are Failing?

    The Hindus have their Mandirs, the Christians their Churches, the Muslims their Mosques and the Sikhs their Gurudwaras. All these congregational centres were meant to unite people of faith and help each other grow in spirituality and stick together in times of trials, tribulations and joy...
  10. Randip Singh

    Advantages Of Chairs In Gurudwara's!

    What I propose is a sensible debate on this issue. I have never agreed with the banning of chairs in Gurudwara's. It is just plain ridiculous. My thinking is if we had chairs (fixed in rows) in the Darbar Hall with the Guru Granth Sahib ji raised t a higher level the advantages would be: 1)...
  11. V

    Racialism In Gurudwaras

    Gurfateh If some one does racialim in Gurudwara it is bigger offensce then removing 5ks as one of the main purpose of 5ks and Baptism is to end racialism.such person is pseudo Sikh. Das saw that one of our memeber Anand Gurdas saw this.Das also swa such attitudes for Non Asians in one of...
  12. Admin

    Sikh News Sikh Officials To Visit Gurudwaras In Pakistan (Yahoo! India News)

    Sikh officials to visit gurudwaras in Pakistan (Yahoo! India News) http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=11ha5r22b/*http%3A//in.news.yahoo.com/060320/43/632tv.html Array Mon, 20 Mar 2006 17:10:52 GMT Chandigarh, March 20 (IANS) The Haryana government Monday announced it would...
  13. Admin

    Sikh News Sikh Officials To Visit Gurudwaras In Pakistan (The Times Of India)

    Sikh officials to visit gurudwaras in Pakistan (The Times of India) http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=11uoh3j9s/*http%3A//timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1457282.cms Array Mon, 20 Mar 2006 17:37:15 GMT The Haryana government announced it would send its Sikh...
  14. M

    How Can You Free Gurudwaras From Illetrate Baba's And From Fundamentalists(attbadi)?

    We go to Gurudwaras listen to Kirtan without description of Guru Granth Sahib? Kids born in foreign countries don't understand even a single word, how can they retain their sikhism values. Fundamentalist sikhs(more like Taliban) with big flowing beards try to scare educated peacefull people by...
  15. S

    Gurudwaras · Sikh Gurudwaras Worldwide

    WAHEGURUJI KA KHALSA WAHEGURUJI KI FATEH!!! These days we hardly go regularly to our local gurudwara or know what is happening in gurudwaras around the world . Hence a need for a focussed platform of gurudwaras to achieve the following activities at your own convenience and time - # Listing of...
  16. E

    Segregation Of Gender In Gurudwaras

    The issue that was raised in one of the threads was "Why do we segregate on the basis of gender while sitting in the presence of sri guru granth sahib ji in gurudwaras... while usually at langar both men and women sit together?" Lets deliberate.
  17. C

    Yogism 3H0 Gurudwaras And Yoga

    Sat sri akaal, I am interested in visiting a 3H0 Gurudwara I was wondering if there were any in the UK..? Also, what is it with these Sikhs and yoga? Isn't yoga a Hindu practice?
  18. C

    Gutkas And Gurudwaras

    Bole so nihaal Those will be at peace who say Sat sri akaal God is timeless I have been wanting for a while to get some gutkas [in English], and I was wondering if most Gurudwaras should sell them? Otherwise I'll have to go to a Sikh shop in Southall which is an hour on the train from me and...
  19. S

    Heritage Sikh Bodies Begin Restoration Work Of Gurudwaras In Pak:

    [World News]: Lahore, Feb 15 : Voluntary Sikh organisations have ... The group of volunteers would also undertake restoration work in other Sikh shrines. ... http://news.newkerala.com/world-news/?action=fullnews&id=72284
  20. S

    Heritage Sikh Bodies Begin Restoration Work Of Gurudwaras In Pak:-

    Voluntary Sikh organisations have undertaken restoration work at the famous Gurudwara of Guru Ramdas, the fourth Sikh Guru, in Lahore. ... http://www.webindia123.com/news/showdetails.asp?id=67025&n_date=20050215&cat=Asia