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Gutkas And Gurudwaras

Jul 13, 2004
Bole so nihaal
Those will be at peace who say
Sat sri akaal
God is timeless

I have been wanting for a while to get some gutkas [in English], and I was wondering if most Gurudwaras should sell them? Otherwise I'll have to go to a Sikh shop in Southall which is an hour on the train from me and the journey will cost a bit as a I don't have much money right now...
Also, what are the conditions for keeping gutkas in the house? All my books are covered with cloth so when not in use they will be covered... but there is alcohol [and meat] in my house... somebody else said to me this will be ok as I will make 100000% sure no meat comes anywhere near them and they are always kept clean and will not touch the floor... also, how much should I expect to pay for a gutka?
Jul 13, 2004
Dear John,

For Gutka, respect is important. Keeping it in a neat and clean place above floor or normal sitting place. While reading, sitting in a attentive sitting position. An intoxicant not getting in touch with it.

I have no idea abt the price of Gutkas. But yes, I am aware of gurudwaras selling those and five kakaars, just like another commodity.


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