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Help Wanted For Translation Into Punjabi Of Aristotle Philosophy

Dec 8, 2005
Dear Brother /Sister.

I am on a look out for an Sikh philosopher.

I was Keen on translating Aristotle's work in punjabi so as to initiate a debate between Sikh philosophers and western philosphers.

I would need some one who can ponder , invent new words in punjabi and a enthusiastic person to communicate with.

We can then post the translation on this site so as to initate an debate.


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Jan 3, 2007
Fateh, I would like to add about Aristotle. He believed in deductive reasoning however humans follow inductive reasoning. Humans are wasting their lives trying to prove things that don't need to be elaborated on. Inductive reasoning tests a small hypothesis to conclude on the larger truth. We do experiments with this same principle and it only leads to minimal forward progress. I think of it being like 2 steps forward but one step back. If our lives started from one decision, it would be like a fork in the road. We can either go to the left which is a short path to God. However, most of us take the path of duality on the right which has many more forks in the road for every decision we make. We are always faced with right and wrong decisions or two ways with doing things. So when we test a hypothesis, we make progress forward by leaning towards one side of the fork. If our hypothesis is wrong, we have to travel back to the origin of our decision and take the other path. These paths are endless and there is no end. However, if we consider deductive reasoning, we first discover the overriding truth and thus everythign lying in it is true as well. Just like God, if we take his path, we know that everything on it, regardless what fork we take will lead to the final outcome of salvation. I beleive deductive reasoning isn't reasoning at all because only man can reason. Deductive thought is what is true and only God is true. I believe if we go on God's path and eliminate duality by believing in Dharma and Karma, we can live in sync with the world. If Dharma and Karma run the world, then by following it we are not only living in the will of God but everything we do is right. Man has free will and thus can go against his pre-ordained destiny of reaching God. However, man's free will still is under God's will because we are God himself. Through self realization we realize that we are part of God and the whole creation is God itself. Aristotle's deductive reasoning goes hand in hand with Sikhi and inductive reasoning is a cause of man's free will.

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