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Health Exercise And Fitness


Mar 13, 2013
"Health Is Wealth"

How often do we read and hear this statement right from the childhood and all conrnes of the society and rightly so it is Indeed the real wealth.
I once visited Gurudwara and was told a beautiul saying by Bhai Ji There that son
"Wealth gone nothing is lost
Health Lost Your half Gone
Character Lost Everything Is Lost"

(well forgive me as in this forum i wont talk much about character and how to maintain it i guess we all can deal that in other forums and thread ,ill strictly stick to the topic of the thread)

All of us are familiar with the proverb but at the same time we most often neglect the importance of health in our day to day life and are attached to other useless things. In fact attached word is not justified ill rather say most of us are in a state of madness to indulge in other things as a result health is not mostly taken care of as one proceeds in the journey of his life,ultimately due to which we suffer from some ailments ,diseases sooner or later and spend most of our money running after the docter.

A healthy person is an asset to himself ,to his family members and to whole of the community on the other hand an ailing and unhealthy person is a burden to not only himself but to people around him.

All of us are familiar with few medical terms and diseases which affects our health
High cholesterol ,diabetes,obesity ,high or low blood pressure,calcium deficiency specially in females at later age of their lives but more importantly the source of all these diseases TENSION and STRESS.
Tension is the parameter of today's life which is the main cause of all these diseases.Stress is the physical and mental state of deviation of one's physical and mental state of mind from natural mindset.

The question arises now how to keep oneself healthy and free from tensions and stress that is where EXERCISE ,knowing what to eat or not, plays a key role in the aspect of one's healthy lifestyle

We have to live with good lifestyle to keep check on these diseases.This lifestyle includes eating habits ,exercising ,walking ,sleep duration etc.if we maintain a good lifestyle then automatically many diseases vanishes and we can move ahead in the journey of life smoothly.


Exercise plays a key role for maintaining a good lifestyle and to remain disease free in ones life.
Exercising the body is one way of keeping oneself healthy.If we do not exercise our muscles can become weaker resulting in our efficiency in day to day physical works

Apart from that i would like to list few benefits of exercise as i know others you all are free to post too depending upon your experiences

1)It prevents heart diseases and is good for heart
2)It helps in reducing and keeping weight in check
3)Prevents osteoporosis
4)it is an excellent De-stressor
5)has an anti aging effects
6)keeps Blood Sugar at check
7)promotes healthy brain
8)keeps you active
9)good for mind and soul
10)improves muscle strength and joint structures
11)helps in providing oxygen to each body part more efficiently

apart from there are many depending upon one's own experience

lets try and share how exercise plays an important role in our lives so that we can motivate each other too in following a healthy lifestyle through each other's experience
Members can post anything related to how to move ahead in life with healthy lifestyle and narrate their own experiences.

Personally it has helped me a lot in my depressing and painful moments.More than keeping myself healthy it has helped me to be tense and stress free in today's time. Helped me in keeping myself away from negative people too and allowed me to realize the importance of the gift from almighty which he provided me in the form of my BODY .

NOTE:We all can motivate others to follow healthy lifestyle and help each others related to health issues from our knowledge and experiences and can share our healthy and exercising routines from healthy tip to anything that we feel worth of with each other which is the main motive of me starting this thread with all the respected members of this wonderful website


Mar 13, 2013

They are great for the skin. If you add almond oil or almond milk to your skincare regime, it will make your skin softer, more supple and flawless. You can also massage almond oil into your skin.

- Almonds contain minerals like potassium, folic acid, protein, monosaturated fats and vitamin E. Hence eating them can significantly reduce your chances of heart diseases.

- If you are in the habit of consuming cups of coffee and energy drinks to get a boost of energy, try eating almonds instead! Riboflavin, copper and manganese in the nuts will give you stamina.

- Like blueberries and pomegranates, almonds are superfoods that can help reduce weight significantly. Drink unsweetened almond milk for faster weight loss.

- Last but not the least, almonds regulate your blood pressure because they are high in potassium and low in sodium. They also help in keeping your cholesterol levels in check.

source for the above mentioned benefits :internet ,Times of India