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India He Lost His Eye For Country,and Country Can't Afford Anymore

Vikram singh

Feb 25, 2005
I say his interview,on Sada Channel Today,i feel sorry for this guy,he lost his eye while playing hockey for the country, and country say can't afford his treatment.

Baljit's career came to a sudden halt when a golf ball went through the visor of his helmet and damaged the right eye during a national camp in the Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune last year.

Although he was sent to the USA for expert advise on the government expense, but was called back by the Sports Ministry mid-way through his treatment.
"Till the last year I was India's number one goalkeeper. I would have been in the team if well. So although I am not playing, I want to be in the stadium near my teammates but I don't have any pass," Baljit said from Chandigarh.

"I couldn't reach Hockey India officials but I asked the coaches about the passes and they said that I have to buy the tickets. They (coaches) said they themselves have no passes for their family," Baljit lamented.

"It's not good at all. If a coach gets this sort of treatment what more can you expect? I was a member of the team. If I have to buy tickets to cheer for my team-mates then I prefer to watch it sitting at home. I am feeling very hurt. At least they could do have kept my sentiments in mind," he added.

Baljit also said that with such kind of treatment, the HI officials have proved that he is a forgotten chapter of Indian hockey.
"A player, who almost lost his eyesight for country's cause deserves to get an invitation from the federation. I would have felt I am a part of the team. You feel good when you are treated well but it hurts a lot to see people forget you," he said.
Earlier, some former Olympians also had complained about non-availability of tickets for the 12-team tournament to be held at the Major Dhyanchand National Stadium.

Baljit said although his future is uncertain he has not lost hopes of donning India colours again and requested Union Sports Minister MS Gill to help him in his rehabilitation process.
"I met Mr Gill on January 6 and he said the government has already spent a lot on my treatment and can't afford anymore. I have to undergo another surgery as advised by the doctors in USA and I told the minister that I don't have any problems in undergoing the operation in India.

"But the ministry should make the things clear before me. It's not possible for me to come to Delhi twice a week for my treatment because I don't have any accommodation here and neither can I afford the expenses," Baljit said.
"I want to play for India again and my request to the Sports Minister is that he should think about my rehabilitation," he added.

YouTube- Baljit Singh GK......

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