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  1. Harry Haller

    Yogism Meditation, Why I Do Not Do It. Anymore

    Gurfateh Yesterday, I meditated. I used to meditate before, long ago, but have avoided it for the pure reason that although I found it hugely interesting, it also became very addictive, and towards the end, I did not feel I was getting anything out of it that was increasing my knowledge. So...
  2. Vikram singh

    India He Lost His Eye For Country,and Country Can't Afford Anymore

    I say his interview,on Sada Channel Today,i feel sorry for this guy,he lost his eye while playing hockey for the country, and country say can't afford his treatment. Baljit's career came to a sudden halt when a golf ball went through the visor of his helmet and damaged the right eye during a...
  3. P

    After Realization No Personal Identity Left Anymore

    Before Realization of the TRUTH all say: 'THIS IS BUT A BODY AFTERALL'. Doesn't matter what one reads, what one writes, what one thinks- sense of 'I am body' stays, untill actual realization happens. So they think of others the same as well, without knowing their state of mind. They cant know...