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Hard To Believe In God / Waheguru

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May 12, 2016
Sat Sri Akaal,

GOD Generator Operator Destroyer Is this natural law, applicable to all living and non living. There is energy else GOD generated operated and will destroy.

Is this Gurus Bani
Jo Upjyo So Binas Hai Pary kal Ke Phas What is Generated will get Destroyed

Brahma Generator Many in Nos Vishnu Operator Many in Nos Destroyer many in nos

Is it natural truth or LAW or HUKAM every one has to abide.

Where is belief.

Objectively its all same, rest translatory.

Water objectively is same, some say JAL/ Neer/ Pani etc different subjective translation words.

It is same belief of TRUE NATURE applicable to all.

SARAB SANJHI GURUs BANI. Applicable to all universally.
Natural truth and law of hukam is the same thing


Dec 5, 2015
I can't believe people found this old page from 2 years ago, well my crisis and agnosticism was resolved. In my own opinion and experience, I do agree that there is a higher power that we call as Whaeguru, I don't know what to consider myself. A Deist, Pantheist, Panentheist, I am not sure. All I know is that I believe in Whaeguru and Sikhi thats pretty much it. Most of my doubts have faded, and such. So, can someone lock this thread, heh.
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