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Harbhajan Singh Says No To Patiala Pegs


Apr 3, 2005

Barely a fortnight before the Word Cup takes off, Harbhajan Singh has taken into his hands a mission — turning his teammates into teetotalers. “I don’t drink at all and really don’t see a point to alcohol,” says the cricketer, who was recently in the Capital to pledge his support to the NGO, Community Against Drunken Driving.

“I’m very keen to get more team members on to the teetotaler side of things. Hopefully, once they see how serious I am, about this, they’ll get influenced, too,” he says.

Prod him on the names of teammates who party hard, and he laughs, “If I tell you that, it would be like rattling a bee’s nest!”

And what about liquor endorsements? “After some silly controversies in the past, I’ve been very clear that I won’t hold alcohol in ads or even promote it. I’m associated with such brands only because they support cricket.” Bhajji had landed in trouble with an ad for a liquor label, where he appeared without a turban.

So, has the short-tempered Bhajji, who once battled with police officers outside a hotel, really mellowed down? “When you’re young, you do stupid things — that’s the only explanation!” he says.
Feb 19, 2007
Delhi India
It would be nice if Bhajji also takes to full Sikh identity of untrimmed kesh as he is a high profile Sikh and a role model for many young Sikhs. In multicultural schools and institutions, Sikh youngsters are questioned on the relevance of untrimmed kesh and bhajji is pointed as an example to the embarrassment of these impressionable young persons