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Guru Nanak And Two Students Or Why Good Things Happen To Bad People

Discussion in 'Spiritual' started by kaur-1, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. kaur-1

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Thread http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/gurmat-vichaar/15753-what-is-wrong.html reminded me of this sakhi.

    source:Guru Nanak and two students - SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

    Guru Nanak and two students

    Two friends heard that Guru Nanak was giving a series of lectures and decided to attend. The first soon became a devoted student. He attended every lecture and tried to put what he learned to use in his daily life.

    The other came, but only out of curiosity. He soon became attracted to a woman who entertained men for a living. He would leave home every evening with his friend, telling every one he was going to listen to Guru Nanak. But when he was out of sight he would turn off and go to be with this woman.

    One day while they were leaving, this second man found a gold mohur in the path. He joyfully picked it up and hurried away to enjoy it with his lady friend.

    The first man continued on, only to hurt himself on a thorn. When he had recovered sufficiently, he went to Guru Nanak and complained. "How is it that a man who spends his evenings with such a woman finds a gold coin, and a man who tries his best to live the right life is badly injured?"

    Guru Nanak answered, "What comes to each man, good or bad, is due to his own actions. When the two of you first came, each of you had a result coming due. You were due to pay a debt by dying, impaled on a great stake. Your friend was due to receive a gift, to find a pot of golden mohurs. By the grace of the True Guru as much of your debt as possible was paid. You were able to pay off the balance with a small injury. By the grace of a dancing girl most of your friend's gift was squandered. He was paid off with only one coin."

    Another version - Source:Why Good Things Happen to Bad People : Changing Destiny

    Why Good Things Happen to Bad People

    Once there were two friends, one was a Gurmukh and the other a Manmukh. Their friendship was deep but Gurmukh believed in God while Manmukh did not. Gurmukh would wake up early in the morning, take a bath and recite the holy hymns while Manmukh would still be in bed sound asleep.

    Once they were going on a journey through he forest. As they were passing through the forest Manmukh found a bag of coal. He was very happy because he could sell it and make some money. As they further walked while talking about how lucky Manmukh was to find the bag of coal, Gurmukh screamed with pain. It appeared that a splinter went in Gurmukh’s leg. While Gurmukh was in pain, Manmukh started laughing. Gurmukh was surprise and asked him that why was he laughing. Manmukh said, “You have been worshipping God everyday and what you got is a splinter in your leg. I have never worshipped God and I still got a bag full of coal from which I can make money.”

    An old wise man happened to me passing them when he heard Manmukh’s comments. The old man had a big ironic smile on his face. Manmukh was astonished when he saw the old man smile. Manmukh asked the old man to what was he smiling? The old man replied, “You are naïve. You do not worship God. You were destined to find a bag of diamonds today if you have been worshipping God. And Gurmukh, you were destigned to die at the moment you got the splinter in your leg. Because you have been worshipping God, the pain of death simply turned into a splinter.”
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  3. FiveLovedOnes

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    May 30, 2007
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    Most beautiful.Thanks so much for this message thru ur short true stories..Sat Shri Akal.
  4. Mona Ahluwalia

    Mona Ahluwalia
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    Jun 13, 2007
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    ..............sometimes when you are so tired of hardships in life and ask God ,''WHY ME ?''................such stories enhances your faith in God and one starts believing ...''tera bhana meetha lage ...''
  5. FiveLovedOnes

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    May 30, 2007
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    I fully agree with U.More hardships one face while following guruji 's hukums n hardships of life n still stays connected to Guru he/she become more closer to him.They r alone blessed with more strength n their trust in Guru n love with Guru goes on expanding.Sikhs must remember that sikhi itself is not easy.Khalsa panth was formed with the offering of Five heads(Nothing is more harder than this decision by five loved ones of guruji) n lifestyle of sikhs is not an easy one.A sikh is asked to sleep less by taking a short hours nap at night n maybe one during day.Only then khalsa can be called "tayaar bar tayaar" khalsa otherwise not.A soldier cannot sleep for many hours n so guruji asked sikhs to sleep less (infact just short hours naps only when needed) and there r many quotes from gurubani.One example of it is:

    Thora Sonveyh thora hee Khahvey Gursikh sohee Sahaj Samahvey.

    means Gursikh must sleep less(i.e wake up very early in the morning) n eat desired only when hungry.Such Gursikhs remain calm at mind n hence can mediatate on Guru 's Naam Simran n can easily concentrate on Gurubani n Guru's words.

    remember only CALM MINDS alone can concentrate n follow guruji 's ways/paths n not others.others possess a mind that doesn't remain calm n keeps running in all direction n is difficult to be stopped.Such minds cannot listen any gurbani n understand what guruji says.This is the condition of sikhs of modern era.Their bodies alone sit in gurudwaras while their mind is always running in tens of directions.Reason is simple.They sleep a lot.

    Aadth pahar araadiyeh Puran Satgur Gyan

    Sikhs must Remember Guru n do Naam Simran 24 hrs ( 8 pahars in guru's terminology) a day.Only then they are blessed with true knowledge n enlightenment from Waheguru.

    Clearly Guruji is asking his sikhs to take short hrs sleep at night n wake up early in the morning instead of sleeping for hrs n hrs.Clearly these lines of Guruji shows us Sikhi is very difficult.Only when one passes thru such hardships n test for life of guruji he/she is offered with amrit from within one's body.(Joh brahamandey Sohee Pindey).

    All blessings r obtained by following hard-to-follow GuruJi 's words/orders n soon guruji makes all paths very easy for his sikhs by providing them physical n mental strength.See our history.five loved ones offered their head n guru blessed them with Amrit n soon many sikhs started joining guruji n pledged to follow whatever Guruji says n they did.Result-They wiped out the entire Mugal empire.

    Sikhs of today r not ready to sacrifice their sleep for Guruji.Result - they sleep whole day i.e their mind r not strong enough to carry out big tasks like old sikhs used to do.Thousands of sikhs have been killed in 1984 n still sikhs love to sleep n never wake up for Guru blessings.They r not ready to give up their sleep n do paath n Naam simran and so their mind too become sleepy n actions r also lazy.They never get up early at amrit vela n do paath n simran n so how they will be bestowed with the endless blessings of Guruji.That's why for this reason they r involved more in inner conflicts n among their own sikh brothers,gurudwaras n others due to their lazy minds resulting from excess sleep n excessive eating ,no Naam Simran n no gurubani listening n hence losing their calm minds.

    In olden days Banda Singh Bahadur n entire sikhs army wiped out entire Sirhind just for the martyr of 2 sahibjadees.See the difference of old sikhs n modern sikhs.they strictly followed hardships of less sleep,offering paath while on horse backs,Naam Simran n always remaining atuned with guruji 's strict discipline n lifestyle based on guru's hukums n gurbani n so winning big forces was very easy for them. Simple.

    Hope sikhs will learn something from this discussion(provided they r not sleeping at mind by ignoring guruji 's hard-to-follow paths at the time of reading this.).BTW they can still achieve the power n blessings from guruji by following his hukums/paths.Guru 's blessings r always ready for his sikhs provided they start walking on guru's tough paths.Give the head n get the Amrit.Simple Logic.Thanks.
    Sat Shri Akal
  6. pritpal_singh

    pritpal_singh India
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    May 22, 2007
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    Dear FIVELOVEDONES, as I have often observed in your posts, you mention that a GURSIKH SHOULD SLEEP LESS. Are you mentioning the MIND’S (MAAN’S) SLEEP or the PHYSICAL BODY’S SLEEP ? Because you mention that the reason for the sleeping of the mind is the excessive sleeping of the body.
    I came across the same subject in one of Giani Sant Singh Maskin Ji’s kathas where he mentions (by quoting SGGS) that this priceless utensil (our physical body) should be clean for pure NAAM to pour into it. But by eating more than required quantities and at the most irregular hours we have dirtied the utensil. So anything pouring into it also gets dirtied. But WAHEGURU’S NAAM is so pure that it will only pour into the Body utensil when it has been cleansed. That cleansing is only possible when we eat only so much that is required to extinguish the hunger. Anything eaten after that turns into disease. The added advantage to this controlled eating is that our body requires that much less sleep. So we sleep less and thus are able to perform the Gurmat practice of awakening in the ambrosial hours of the morning and doing NAAM-SIMRAN.
    Referring to myself, I am an amritdhari who by the Lord’s grace has been practicing very serious SIMRAN for the last 2-3 years. Again by his grace he has brought me to a stage of concentration where my listening to my NAAM-recitation has deepened a lot. I manage SIMRAN during my morning chores, riding my bike, in my office whenever possible, during my evening Gurudwara visit and then back home in the evening and then before sleep. But my sleep does not allow me to wake up at 2-3 AM every morning for the AMRIT-VELA SIMRAN.
    Tell me ways to conquer my sleep so that I can meditate more deeply.
  7. Arvind

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    SPNer Thinker Supporter

    Jul 13, 2004
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    Regarding sleep:

    I had read somewhere that there should be a "taangh" to meet the beloved. Just like a lover looks forward to meet his/her partener, dresses up pleasantly, looks for proper words/topics to talk about. On the other hand, just like a "kangaal" wishes to see his/her "Raja - Parampita Waheguru", is willing to do anything for the "daras pyaara".

    Basically I am trying to tell that sleep or other thieves are automatically controlled when there is a strong feeling of the "Vichora" with "Pyara". Keep up the charhdee kala ji.

    Hoyia'n galtee di maafi.
  8. FiveLovedOnes

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    May 30, 2007
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    Sat Shri Akal my friend.
    Good to hear from u.In sikh religion nothing is complex n confusing.Everything is straight but remember it is not easy.When I say that a Guru Gobind Singh Ji 's Lion gursikh or amritdari should sleep less I mean it is body sleep n not mind sleep.But both r very very much connected.Those who wake up late or sleep a lot also sleep at mind n many evils n ambiguities over minor issues arises.They wander in this world like fools- truely speaking.They r sole problem shooters in our religion.
    These ambiguities n issues that we face everyday r so simple that Guru ka sikh can easily answer them on his own n with Guru's divine knowledge.
    Most of the sikhs today have started treating our sikhi like hindu ways like sitting for long in gurudwaras,singing lot of bani sitting n listening to bani using a stereo set hung on their ears while they r sitting n relaxing.This is absolutely hindu style or brahamani style of reciting guru's shabad.Eating langar n then sitting n relaxing or poor movements n badly lacking physical movements of body,i mean lack exercise.Sikhs must remember that they have been founded by Guru Gobind Singh who himself never allowed sikh lions to sit in gurudwaras for long hrs but instead gave them small gutkas to hold with them n asked them to recite bani n sing praises of Lord while riding horses n while fighting the enemy in the battle fields.but what is this going on now-a-days.They simply sit for hours n hours n do Naam Simran.My dear friend this is not sikh way of staying with Guru n doing Naam Simran.A sikh must always prepare for battle everyday by doing lot of exercises,work out,games, sports n weapon training n training of battle,etc.They must sing hyms of Guru's shabad while doing all above.This is what Guru Gobind Singh Ji wanted from Singhs.Guruji saw hindus playing holi n bewared singhs of practicing such foolish festivals n instead told Singhs to practice weapons on much larger scale on that day n named that day as HOLAMALA.

    But look at gursikhs n amritdaris of today.They r always relaxing,sitting a lot,poor body movements,lack exercises a lot,no weapon training(Gatka show has become just a way of watching n entertaining n feeling proud of themselves like fools becoz they themselves don't want to be like Guru Gobind Singh Ji Lions.Sorry my friend for such harsh Answer but this is reality of sikhs today.)Guru Gobind Singh Ji started adding women too in his force by giving them weapon training,horse riding,clothes for a warrior which included dastaar n shastar on it but see what women of today r.they r free of dastaar n free of shastar training.they simply love to sit in front of mirror for long hours n whole day their mind is stuck at others if they r being watched by others or not.They live with a dual mind.Don't u think it is absolute foolishness of modern singhnis.Only few r realising the glory of Guru Gobind Singh Ji that he wanted even the Kaurs to be Singhnis/Lionesses.
    this is one of the example i have sited that how sikhs of today r following brahamani style in sikhi.
    Look at Ur Guru,guru Gobind Singh Ji.Look at his photos.He is always on his horse,he is always holding a sword in his hand,he is always in war n with his army of Lions(Singhs),guru is always prepared for war n battles,He is always gathering Singhs from all over India to add to his Army n fight battles n wars n lot more.But Sikhs of today simply praise guru n never want to be what Guru actually wanted his Sikhs to be.Amritdari n gursikhs have left exercises,no weapon training,no games,no sports,never trying to be ready for battles which can erupt any time(that's why guruji said his sikhs-Tayaar bar tayaar Khlasa).they simply sit in gurudwaras n sit n meditate.My dear friend if we follow this way r we any different from brahamani style that our Guru Gobind singh Ji always warned us not to follow."Jab Eh Gaye bipran Ki reet mei Na Karao inh kee parteet".
    people of Dehli particularly pappe caste totally left the lifestyle of guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.They hardly exercised,no shastar with them,no gatka training n no preparation for battle or riots that could erupt anytime in that Hundu dominated country,no waking up at 4:00 or 4:30 n reciting bani n others.They lead poor n sick lifestyle of lazy gursikhs.This is not the true picture of real gursikh of guru Gobind Singh Ji.Delhi sikhs were killed in hundreds with small mobs which were no match to them if they had prepared themselves the Guru Gobind Singh Ji's way.Even today girls of sikhs r more bollywood lovers n have given up Guru Gobind Singh Ji's kind lifestyle.they still haven't realised that guru's way can only save from any danger or riots ahead.:advocate:Girls love to wear jeans n involve in all ugly stuff.Nothing like guru ki Singhnis-the warriors.Hope they r not yet aware of dangers ahead in that Hindu dominated country.:crazy:
    Delhi boys n punjab boys love bhangra n never gave attention to shastar training n exercising.

    Anyways those who will prepare will win while rest will be butchered just like those hindus at the time of Mugal raaj.:shock:

    Our guru has clearly said that my singh will always be ready for battle,he will do shastar practice everyday for many hrs,exercise a lot,never run away from battle field like a coward n fight till death.Our history is complete picture of it.Am I right?

    there r many such examples that shows that sikhs r now following brahamani style n so they r becoming inferior to the opressed of one time(the Hindus).All becoz they have not realised what Guru gobind Singh Ji actually wanted his gursikhs/amritdaris to be.Sikhs of today love to sleep a lot.they have forgotten that a soldier hardly sleeps.In fact he takes only naps n keep fighting n not become a victim to his enemy just becoz he was sleeping.:D Hope U r understanding me.

    sikhs of today r making more n more gurudwaras n fighting among themselves based on stupid reasons of caste(absolute foolishness n ego n nothing more).Instead they should make more exercising Gyms,Gatka training camps,gurmat camps n other places where soldiers can be produced n gurmat can be incorporated in them at the same time.hope u agree?.

    Many of these sikhs(nearly 95% to 98%) don't get up at early hours of the day for guru n SO fools,egoists,dumbs,idiotss,narrow-minded n crazy people r evolved.They keep fighting for Guru ki Golak.

    Girls n Women of sikhs today really fight back with me with super repulsive behavior when I asks them to wake up early n be prepared as a guru ki singhnis ready as a soldier.Many modern Sikh girls n women don't wake up at early hours of the day n so foolish minds are generated which r easily subdued by their own evils inside,dirt of this world like bollywood,etc.They fell easy prey to muslims.Also they become BINGO eaters n spend everyday in hotels,restaurants n other eating places.Even if they make a friend they simply ask them to make them buy eating stuff at some good spots.Ha ha......
    I have come across many sikh girls in this site who really were very repulsive to me(in fact not to me but Guru's way) when i talked to them for waking up early n offer paath n Naam Simran.It is for their good health n immense happiness in life.

    Remember if u don't prepare n adopt hardships of Guru Gobind Singh Ji u cannot fight in battle fields n this tough world around.
    When Guru can sleep on thorny ground in Machiwareh jungle.remember.Then why not his Singhs.It is love for ur Guru that makes u more Guru-disciplined.

    wonderful n simple tip from guruji.

    1. Gur Satgur ka jo sikh akahveh Palkeh Udh Har Naam Diahveah (Saint)

    2. Khalsa Sohe jo Nit kare jang (Saint +Soldier)

    Khalsa is one who is always ready for battles fighting with the evil forces on this earth n fights against in battle fields with the tyrants on this earth.Khalsa is one who is self disciplined as per guru ji 's ways n always get up early to do Naam Simran n Paath n later in earlier morning listens to Guru's Shabads.Later he begins his day to the fullest.
    Cool.Isn't it.

    Also there is nothing like food becomes a disease if u eat more.Guruji says eat belly full only when hungry n exercise n prepare for battle,carry out weapon training,games ,sports,gym,etc.No need for any confusion here.:cool:.Also meditate on Guru's Naam in early hrs of the day without forgetting n without miss.

    Moreover food is for body while Guru's Bani is for both body & mind and soul.without Naam one's life is entirely baseless n meaningless.

    An Amritdari is one who wakes up in the early hrs of the day(around 4:00) n do Paath n also sing the hyms of Guru in the battle fields,while exercising,while playing games n sports n while weapon training n while in battle fields.Guru Gobind Singh never accepted a person as amritdari who is not ready for battle n never woke up in early hrs of the day n meditated on Waheguru.

    Visit gurudwara regularly and gain message of guruji to the fullest n FOLLOW.u can listen to gurubani while in gym n while exercising n while doing shastar practice.Great chardi kala.

    U don't have to wake up very early in the morning at 2:30 or so.Wake up at 4:00(4:30 FOR BEGINNER OR WHO LEFT THIS PRACTICE FOR A WHILE) n meditate.U will get the Amrit(blessings) from Guruji very soon.(Amrit Vela- true vela).Also involve urself in exercises,games,sports n shastar practices.These r very important too as Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself asked his sikhs to be always doing shastar practice n always be ready as a soldier at the same time.


    U have to be different from the rest of the world in lifestyle n in maintaining strict discipline of guruji.Khalsa is always distinct.Said Guru gobind Singh Ji.

    Be a Guru ka Lion ready for attack anytime n any moment like a roaring lion on his enemies.

    It is only for this reason why i stress my sikh friends to sleep less-the guru's order.How can we ignore his orders even if they r hard for us.This hardship is our true love for our Guruji.Ignore hardship n our love for guru is just fake.Most sikhs ignore this first hukum of guruji n for the rest of the day they keep singing bani,listening bani n do many other things to praise their Guru.What kind of love is this when someone ignore Guru's first Order n then go on following other orders for whole day.Doesn't make much sense to me anyways.An obiedient child will never ignore any order of his father.U should be always ready for presenting ur head( hard to follow order of guruji) to ur guru whenever he asks for it just like FIVELOVEDONES.

    start waking up early at 4:00 or 4:30 (depends on u) n do lot of exercise with shastars,other means n soon Guruji will give u the strength n might u need to be his Lion.very soon u will not need an alarm clock to wake up.Cool.

    Go n get this CD from market
    "keep on walking:Songs of the saints" available at www.mus1k.com.It is in English but U can understand.music by Indi Kaur.Great for Gym n exercise.

    BTW TRUTH IS ALWAYS HARSH.So excuse me who feel it.

    Sat Shri Akal.

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