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Gurbani Kirtan #59 Prabh Jio Devoh Darsan Aapnaa

Jul 10, 2006
Gurbani Kirtan Mp3 Player - Shabad #59 Prabh Jio Devoh Darsan Aapnaa

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Ang 703 and 1097

Jaitsaree Guru Arjan Dev
drsn ipAwsI idnsu rwiq icqvau Anidnu nIq ]
dharasan piaasee dhinas raath chithavo anadhin neeth ||
I am thirsty for the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan, day and night; I yearn for Him constantly, night and day.

Koil@ kpt guir mylIAw nwnk hir sMig mIq ]1]
kholih kapatt gur maeleeaa naanak har sang meeth ||1||
Opening the door, O Nanak, the Guru has led me to meet with the Lord, my Friend. ||1||

Maaroo Guru Arjan Dev
hau FwFI dir gux gwvdw jy hir pRB BwvY ]
ho dtaadtee dhar gun gaavadhaa jae har prabh bhaavai ||
I am a minstrel at His Door, singing His Glorious Praises, to please to my Lord God.

pRBu myrw iQr QwvrI hor AwvY jwvY ]
prabh maeraa thhir thhaavaree hor aavai jaavai ||
My God is permanent and stable; others continue coming and going.

so mMgw dwnu guosweIAw ijqu BuK lih jwvY ]
so mangaa dhaan guosaaeeaa jith bhukh lehi jaavai ||
I beg for that gift from the Lord of the World, which will satisfy my hunger.

pRB jIau dyvhu drsnu Awpxw ijqu FwFI iqRpqwvY ]
prabh jeeo dhaevahu dharasan aapanaa jith dtaadtee thripathaavai ||
O Dear Lord God, please bless Your minstrel with the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, that I might be satisfied and fulfilled.

Ardwis suxI dwqwir pRiB FwFI kau mhil bulwvY ]
aradhaas sunee dhaathaar prabh dtaadtee ko mehal bulaavai ||
God, the Great Giver, hears the prayer, and summons the minstrel to the Mansion of His Presence.

pRB dyKidAw duK BuK geI FwFI kau mMgxu iciq n AwvY ]
prabh dhaekhadhiaa dhukh bhukh gee dtaadtee ko mangan chith n aavai ||
Gazing upon God, the minstrel is rid of pain and hunger; he does not think to ask for anything else.

sBy ieCw pUrIAw lig pRB kY pwvY ]
sabhae eishhaa pooreeaa lag prabh kai paavai ||
All desires are fulfilled, touching the feet of God.

hau inrguxu FwFI bKisEnu pRiB puriK vydwvY ]9]
ho niragun dtaadtee bakhasioun prabh purakh vaedhaavai ||9||
I am His humble, unworthy minstrel; the Primal Lord God has forgiven me. ||9||


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