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Gurbani Kirtan #31 - Sab Kich Jivat Ko Bivhar

Jul 10, 2006
Gurbani Kirtan Mp3 Player - Shabad #31 - Sab Kich Jivat Ko Bivhar
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Ang 536

Dev Gandhaaree Guru Teg Bahadur
dyvgMDwrI mhlw 9 ]
dhaevagandhhaaree mehalaa 9 ||
Raag Dayv-Gandhaaree, Ninth Mehl:

sB ikCu jIvq ko ibvhwr ]
sabh kishh jeevath ko bivehaar ||
All things are mere diversions of life:

mwq ipqw BweI suq bMDp Aru Puin igRh kI nwir ]1] rhwau ]
maath pithaa bhaaee suth bandhhap ar fun grih kee naar ||1|| rehaao ||
mother, father, siblings, children, relatives and the wife of your home. ||1||Pause||

qn qy pRwn hoq jb inAwry tyrq pRyiq pukwir ]
than thae praan hoth jab niaarae ttaerath praeth pukaar ||
When the soul is separated from the body, then they will cry out, calling you a ghost.

AwD GrI koaU nih rwKY Gr qy dyq inkwir ]1]
aadhh gharee kooo nehi raakhai ghar thae dhaeth nikaar ||1||
No one will let you stay, for even half an hour; they drive you out of the house. ||1||

imRg iqRsnw ijau jg rcnw Xh dyKhu irdY ibcwir ]
mrig thrisanaa jio jag rachanaa yeh dhaekhahu ridhai bichaar ||
The created world is like an illusion, a mirage - see this, and reflect upon it in your mind.

khu nwnk Bju rwm nwm inq jw qy hoq auDwr ]2]2]
kahu naanak bhaj raam naam nith jaa thae hoth oudhhaar ||2||2||
Says Nanak, vibrate forever the Name of the Lord, which shall deliver you. ||2||2||

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