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Gurbani Kirtan #17 - Man Mere Har Ke Charan

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by kaur-1, Oct 28, 2006.

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Gurbani Kirtan Mp3 Player - Shabad #17 - Man Mere Har Ke Charan
    SGGSJ Ang 1269

    Malaar Guru Arjan Dev
    mlwr mhlw 5 ]
    malaar mehalaa 5 ||
    Malaar, Fifth Mehl:

    mn myry hir ky crn rvIjY ]
    man maerae har kae charan raveejai ||
    O my mind, dwell on the Feet of the Lord.

    drs ipAws myro mnu moihE hir pMK lgwie imlIjY ]1] rhwau ]
    dharas piaas maero man mohiou har pankh lagaae mileejai ||1|| rehaao ||
    My mind is enticed by thirst for the Blessed Vision of the Lord; I would take wings and fly out to meet Him. ||1||Pause||

    Kojq Kojq mwrgu pwieE swDU syv krIjY ]
    khojath khojath maarag paaeiou saadhhoo saev kareejai ||
    Searching and seeking, I have found the Path, and now I serve the Holy.

    Dwir AnugRhu suAwmI myry nwmu mhw rsu pIjY ]1]
    dhhaar anugrahu suaamee maerae naam mehaa ras peejai ||1||
    O my Lord and Master, please be kind to me, that I may drink in Your most sublime essence. ||1||

    qRwih qRwih kir srnI Awey jlqau ikrpw kIjY ]
    thraahi thraahi kar saranee aaeae jalatho kirapaa keejai ||
    Begging and pleading, I have come to Your Sanctuary; I am on fire - please shower me with Your Mercy!

    kru gih lyhu dws Apuny kau nwnk Apuno kIjY ]2]13]17]
    kar gehi laehu dhaas apunae ko naanak apuno keejai ||2||13||17||
    Please give me Your Hand - I am Your slave, O Lord. Please make Nanak Your Own. ||2||13||17||


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