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GOD As Jot

Jul 13, 2004
Page 21, Line 17 -- Guru Nanak Dev
joqI joiq imlweIAY surqI suriq sMjogu ]
When one`s light merges into the Light, and one`s intuitive consciousness is joined with the Intuitive Consciousness,
joqI joiq imlweéEy surqI suriq sNjogu ]
jotee jot milaa-ee-ai surtee surat sanjog.
If God is light then he would have a form, but here we see it is clearly symbolic. Light is another name for the jiva. God's jiva being the maha-jiva [great soul] and ours being 'smaller' jivas that can merge into his jot/jiva.

The little philosopher


Jun 11, 2004
Daer Member,

The problem is that one has to use the words to explain what 'Karta Purakh' is. The words come from language which is utilitarian. 'Karta Purakh' is not in common knowledge, we cannot design a word that will convey what it is, we cannot confine it into any single word, yet words have to be used to initiate the individual into the realm of spirituality.

Words are the only tools we human have to explain the inexplainable - 'Karta Purakh'. Jot is a metaphor, these are ture and false at the same time. 'Karta Purakh' is a Jot is true because it kindles life into us and also enlighten us, at the same time it is false because 'Karta Purakh' is not just a Jot we perceive in our day to day life. The moment we use word we limit 'Karta Purakh' into the meaning of that word.

It is for this reason Guru Sahib has said that it cannot be said or explained.

With Love and Respect for all


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