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(Forgotten Sikhs) Hindus That Are Sikhs/ Sikhs That Are Hindus

dear Brother,
i have read somewhere that hindus from NCR region that time suffering from Aurangzeb cruelty, went to Guru Gobind Singh Ji and requested him for help from the menace of Aurangzeb... So, then Guru ji sent thirty thousand warriors jatts to NCR to fight for them. The region where they stayed is now called as Tees Hazari in New Delhi. After the war ends and peace prevails, they settled in the region and adopt agriculture as there main occupation.
masand neer

Tejwant Singh

Your community can go to any Gurdwara and convert to Sikhi if the “Sikhs” do not believe you are Sikhs.
This will help you and your tribe manifolds.
No one can take away that from you.

All the marginalized Sikh communities should do the same in defiance to the honchos of Sikhi themselves who have made you an outcast.