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Christianity Da Vinci Code A Protestant Attack On Catholics

Jul 30, 2004

As by coming time we could see that protestants are growing as world power vide UK,USA,Canada orAaustrilia.

winners always try to mould the world accroding to them.

Das recently saw about a theary that lord Jesus married Mary Macdiline and was not calibate.

Das finds it to be more near to protestants as they are also not pro to calibacy so they just want to proeve that Catholics were wrong and initail real Christianity was which proestants follow now.

Das is not becoming subjetive but wrote it to start a sort of debate.

What rest of the Sangat especialy fromm Chrsitian Background has to say on it.

Das finds facts of the book unconvinsing and more like fiaction.Or perhaps das is acting more like a conservative reactionary due to past in shcool run by Jesuits.