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  1. Sinister

    The Da Vinci Surgeon

    The surgical community is Rejoicing with the induction of the Da Vinci Surgical system. Open and Invasive surgery will soon be a thing of the past. Doctors could perform surgery on patients hundereds of miles away. Revolutionary stuff, and very very cool technology with boundless oppurtunity...
  2. V

    Christianity Da Vinci Code A Protestant Attack On Catholics

    Gurfateh As by coming time we could see that protestants are growing as world power vide UK,USA,Canada orAaustrilia. winners always try to mould the world accroding to them. Das recently saw about a theary that lord Jesus married Mary Macdiline and was not calibate. Das finds it to be...
  3. N

    Christianity British Abbey Rejects Da Vinci Code Film Plans (Reuters Via Yahoo! News)

    Producers of the upcoming movie based on the blockbuster novel "The Da Vinci Code" were not allowed to film in Britain's Westminster Abbey after church officials denounced the book as "theologically unsound."...
  4. N

    Christianity Abbey Staff Get Da Vinci 'facts' (BBC News)

    Tour guides at an historic London abbey are to be armed with fact sheets to answer tourists' Da Vinci Code queries. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/Christianity/SIG=122gnefuo/*http%3A//news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1/hi/england/london/4597133.stm
  5. E

    Christianity The Da Vinci Code

    hi guys has any body read the da vinci code by dan brown, it shakes some very old belief, what do u think?