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Christianity The Da Vinci Code

Jul 13, 2004
I got stuck up at the first question itself :-( Well, but anyway I got no idea about his work and its significance except looking at his original paintings at Zurich museum.



Jul 11, 2004
I've seen pictures of the paintings Dan Brown references in that book...and what he says seems accurate.

In the last supper painting, you can see one of the disciples has breasts.
and that wierd M or V logo is present.

The rest of the story is fiction though, remember that.
Use google for discussions on the book with christian scholars, they will point out HUGE gaps in Browns book.
Nov 23, 2004
Co. Tipperary IRELAND
The Da Vinci Code is to be made into a movie within about six months. It will be directed by Ron Howard (Remember happy Days?) and will, according to the latest gossip, star Tom Hanks. Russell Crow was also concidered for the lead role of Robert Langdon but it looks like Ron's long time buddy will get to job. (Job?)

The book was/is a huge hit. True or not it is still a very entertaining and interesting read. Tom Brown's next book will be a sort of expose on Freemasonry and is expected to be controversial.


Jan 17, 2005
I finished reading the book a few weeks ago, Dan brown does point out a very interestion analysis of Da Vinci's paintings, also examples like Walt Disney, etc etc... I've also rented the the documentry "Da Vince Code" (not the actually movie) yet they interviewed many acidemics in this field and they also brought up some good points, the thing is there are SO MANY idea out there what the holy grail really is. The book was fiction yet brought up some pretty interestioin questions, as to how Christains have fused there religion together with the pagans of the time (december 25 was a huge pagan holiday) also the fact how could jesus a Jew now be married? that goes against Jewish teachings.. Non the less the book did bring up many questions to mind and like mentioned above there are some gaps as well...

Another interesting book by Dan Brown is "Demonds and Angels"


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Members,

Those who are interested in the issues raised in The Da Vinci Code may also read Jesus the Man and Magdalene's Lost Legacy. Both these books are non-fictions and are the result of research.

Dear SikhMinded Ji,

The name of that painting is 'Last Supper'. When you see this painting of Leonardo Da Vinci' you will see, that the person on the right of Jesus has lady like features including long hairs and no beard. All other individuals in the painting have beard.

Dear Platinum 007 Ji,

If you read the books I have mentioned, they will tell you the importance and position of women in the society in which Jesus lived. It will also tell you what was meant by the phrase 'Virgin has conceived' and will also give the author's understanding as to how marriages took place in those days. These books also attempt to bring out what author calls 'the hidden meaning' behind the text of scripture, which has been deciphered using the power of computer. It will also explain the authors understanding as to why latin was taken to be the language of scripture though the original scripture was not written in latin.

You can also read 'Dimensions of Paradise' This is the research work which has opened up a new way of looking at the scripture related to Jesus. Please note the Greek languge did not have separate symbols to denote numerals in the time of Jesus; Greek alphabets were used for numbers too. Different numbers had different divine meaning. These meanings have been encoded in the literal text of the scripture, according to the author. When this decoded meaning are susbstituted in the text and read a new meaning emerges.

I am not making any definitive statement on the results of this resaerch, except that these results make an interesting reading and raises lots of questions about our current understanding.

There is lots to learn.

With love and respect for all.

Amarpal Singh
I have read all the 4 ones by Dan Brown. After i am done the book, i sit down in front of the box and search for what other people think abt the book and what work has been done in the past on the same subject.

As of The Da Vinci Code, good fiction.

Holy Blood, Holy Grail, is much much much better if you are intrested in the story of Holy Grail.

Just my $0.02


Feb 19, 2005
Personally, I thought The Da Vinci Code made for a heckuva good murder tale. I bought the book to take with me on a plane trip once, and I found it very hard to put down.

I don't personally look to fiction for facts about history...but now that NSButtar ji has mentioned Holy Blood, Holy Grail, I have to admit I'm a little curious about what a bona-fide account of the Holy Grail would be like to read...