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Canada Canadian Hindu Group Violently Assaults Muslims And Protestors At JDL Rally


Jan 22, 2011
Found this snippet which says that Canadian Hindu Advocacy has a security detail which trains with JDL at the Zionist Center, and they joined forces with JDL security in the violent clash 2 weeks ago which resulted in police injuries and four arrests in Toronto.. these guys are a frightening group. The gurdwaras may be well advised to have security, I could see them doing something....


so Bernie et al are unaware of the 'security' outside - provided by the JDL and Hindu Advocacy - which clashed with the ARA and 'assisted' the police with arrests, including the punching in the head of an ARA member as they were being handcuffed?

CANADIAN HINDU ADVOCACY and JDL-CANADA security teams work with Toronto Police to repel violent assault by Islamists - http://www.canhindu.com/jdlhindudefence.doc

"The CANADIAN HINDU ADVOCACY security team, which has been training with JDL at the Toronto Zionist Center, joined JDL security tonight to deter ARA and Islamic attackers.
Together, Hindu and JDL security assisted Toronto Police in making a number of arrests as several masked attackers blocked roads and violently assaulted police.
In the conflict that ensued, Hindu and JDL defenders succeeded in repelling the violent assault. The fleeing attackers abandoned a large amount of paraphernalia."

of course, only ARA people were arrested after the police on horseback charged their line. also, weren't 3 of the 4 arrested released later? also, there an accusation has been made that the Police erased at least one video camera's footage, so it's possible that the missing footage shows a real melee where fists are flying on many sides. and now that Bernie has finally said something negative about the JDL, he's upset that The Canadian Arab Federation is in agreement?


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004

I also saw this snippet yesterday, and decided not to post it. In the interests of objectivity. There is no confirmation of this. The snippet is from a blog "rabble" which has its own bias. The blog site itself is all about venting and ranting. There is nothing else there as far as I can tell. Has the story been confirmed by established media? Is the reason to publish only to inflame Hindu/Sikh controversies ? which may actually be limited to a small number of people in both groups - at a time when finding ways to dialog, rather than further divide, is in the best interests of Canada, Sikhs, and religious minorities.

Does it make sense to give any slack at all to the canhindu.blog either? Or are we giving them even more of an opportunity to spew hatred and roil emotions? Seems that we should not, because it plays right into their agenda of creating an atmosphere where nothing constructive can be accomplished. :)

Is it not important to find a balance between stoking the flames of emotions coming from historical injuries, and finding a way to a more rational future?

We are treading on thin ice when each slight is reason for public displays of outrage. Now that is my bias and I will seek guidance from other forum leaders and Aman Singh to decide how far we should go with this discussion.



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