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  1. Chaan Pardesi

    Controversial Sikhs Clash Violently In Delhi-shameful Acts

    BREAKING NEWS!!! SIKHS IN VIOLENT BLOODY CLASH WITH SIKHS, IN DELHI !!SHAMEFUL ACTS ! Sikhs clash in Delhi sees Sikhs attacking Sikhs with Kirpans.Allegations that shots were fired .SHOTS fired . Manjeet Singh Goldy belonging to Shiromani Akali Dal [badal] and Chaman Singh secreatry general...
  2. K

    Canada Canadian Hindu Group Violently Assaults Muslims And Protestors At JDL Rally

    Found this snippet which says that Canadian Hindu Advocacy has a security detail which trains with JDL at the Zionist Center, and they joined forces with JDL security in the violent clash 2 weeks ago which resulted in police injuries and four arrests in Toronto.. these guys are a frightening...
  3. D

    Why Does The Mind Waver Violently With Worldly Thoughts And Desires? Why Does It Refu

    Why does the mind waver violently with worldly thoughts and desires? Why does it refuse to calm down in meditation? First of all, you must know that meditation is not the real path to attain the grace of the Lord. Meditation means fixing your mind on a form or formless God. You can...