Hinduism Can You Translate This?


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Dec 21, 2010
_/|\_ Sat Nam

This is an awesome bhajan (or perhaps its actually a qawwali). The words are by Kabir. Can you help me translate it?
Namji{censored}aur ji I don't believe it is from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. There are writings of Kabir ji which are not in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji so I cannot help as much since the words are not written out.

I believe someone at youtube did translate, but I cannot comment if it is accurate or true but appears good from what I can pick up from the vocals. Here it goes,

This is fine, this is fine cloth. It is been dipped in the name of the lord The spinning wheel, like an eight-petal lotus, spins, With five tatvas (elements)and three gunas (virtues) as the pattern. The Lord stitched it in 10 months The threads have been pressed to get a tight weave. It has been worn by gods, people, and sages They soiled it with use. Kabir says, I have covered my self with this cloth with great care, And eventually will leave it like it was.
I have expanded couple of non English words.

In a way Kabir ji are describing the immaculate creation so beautiful. But in the end Kabir ji lament how such beuty has been tainted by so called gods, sages and people.

Kabir ji also in humbleness declare that he too has these deficiencies and would leave the world with those.
Great rendition as you must have a wonderful ear for all the gems you so find. Great service to all fellow spners here at spn.

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