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Being In Love With God Means


Nov 4, 2007
A Gupt Gurmukh wrote…

Being in love with God means being willing to step into the fire
The hottest white flame that burns all desires
The fire so hot that all shirk the thought of dissolution
Not realizing that losing the ego is the final solution
Being in love with God means clinging to the truth
No matter how unpopular no matter seemingly uncouth
For as sure as the rain will fall It is the Truth or nothing at all
Not realizing the games we play That our faces may face the light of day
Inside us does He reside A living testament to what is really inside
The ego burns and screams in the white heat And separates, falls away finally in a heartbeat
Others stay where it is cool They have yet to learn the rule
That in order to fashion the perfect sword Means being true in and out of His word
To burn, to mollify to shape Lest the Death master take you by the nape
So as rotten and rough as I may seem To others I am not part of their team
I lay myself down alone to the trial of fire The Master's plan and true desire

Source: Singhs at Crossroads » NaamNet Classic

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