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Become A Gurmukh & Accept God's Will

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This Shabad is by Guru Amar Daas Ji in Raag Saarang on Pannaa 1246

mÚ 3 ]
nWgy Awvxw nWgy jwxw hir hukmu pwieAw ikAw kIjY ]
ijs kI vsqu soeI lY jwiegw rosu iksY isau kIjY ]
gurmuiK hovY su Bwxw mMny shjy hir rsu pIjY ]
nwnk suKdwqw sdw slwihhu rsnw rwmu rvIjY ]2]

ma 3 ||
naa(n)gae aavanaa naa(n)gae jaanaa har hukam paaeiaa kiaa keejai ||
jis kee vasath soee lai jaaeigaa ros kisai sio keejai ||
guramukh hovai s bhaanaa ma(n)nae sehajae har ras peejai ||
naanak sukhadhaathaa sadhaa salaahihu rasanaa raam raveejai ||2||

Third Mehl:
Naked we come, and naked we go. This is by the Lord's Command; what else can we do?
The object belongs to Him; He shall take it away; with whom should one be angry.
One who becomes Gurmukh accepts God's Will; he intuitively drinks in the Lord's sublime essence.
O Nanak, praise the Giver of peace forever; with your tongue, savor the Lord. ||2l l

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