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A Question About Kes/hair?


Nov 7, 2009
This is a blog to all on a sensative issue. I try to attend the Gurduwara when my studies permit and I find that within our sikh communtity there is a minority of amritdhari and kes wearing singhs and kaurs who look down upon people like me with cut hair. I also would like to know about where I stand in the scheme of things because if i do not have kes I understand I have not fulfilled the Guru's wishes does this mean I cannot attain freedom from the circle of life and death. If the answer to that is that i cannot achieve freedom does this mean that people from other religions cannot attain freedom from the cycle of births and deaths as they do not follow the rules of a religion such as the growing of kes. Finally this is directed to anyone who looks down on those without a kes : I believe that I hold the same love in my heart for the Guru's as any other sikh however I find myself extremely weak willed and trapped by this harsh world. Please feel free to correct my mistakes and misunderstandings. Thank you for your input and recognition. May God,Waheguru, Allah,Ram or the necessary being you worship be with you
Nov 5, 2009
Dear Brother / Sister,

1st thing is that God is One and Universal. This is not like that American have their own GOD and India have its OWN and so on for the others. Religion is nothing but just a way to the GOD. But Only true Guru can show us path to meet and merge in GOD and get freedom from this Life Circle.

And it depends upon you which religion you follow, and your faith in your Guru.

In Sikh religion Kes (Guru ki Mohar) is an identity for the followers of their Guru, Shri Guru Granth Sahib, there is no room for mortal (Deh Dhari) Guru.

I hope that it will be enough........

Rajkamal Singh


Nov 7, 2009
I understand that God is universal however I have come to understand that there are many ways to worship him and many different names we give to him. When I listed those names I was suggesting that they are all names for one God. I quote "Koi Bole Ram Ram ... Koi Allahe."
Thank you for your sophisticated explanation however is it true that "Only true Guru can show us path to meet and merge in GOD." Does this mean that people of other faiths do not follow the true Guru and do not have an equal chance to Sikhs in attaining freedom from births or deaths this is what I want to understand.
Thanking you for your wisdom.
Sohinder Singh

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