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  1. seekingsikhi

    Who Doesn't Love A Stupid Question?

    Does keeping your kes include things like nose hair and eyebrows? Some of mine get pretty…intrusive. Along a similar line, I subconsciously bite the hairs of my moustache when they end up in my mouth. Anybody else have this problem?
  2. L

    A Question About Kes/hair?

    This is a blog to all on a sensative issue. I try to attend the Gurduwara when my studies permit and I find that within our sikh communtity there is a minority of amritdhari and kes wearing singhs and kaurs who look down upon people like me with cut hair. I also would like to know about where I...
  3. S

    How To Handle Fallen Kes?

    I heard about the amount of respect given to kes by Guru Sahib Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji when after a battle when he went about the battlefield he removed his footwear so that the kes of the fallen soldiers not come under his footwear. This makes me feel that kes which is caught up in the drain...
  4. SukhmeetSingh Guruwada

    How Will People Know That This Is A Sikh Household?"

    How will people know that this is a Sikh household?"."STORY OF PUNJAB POLICE"The mother asked her son,"If U giv me permission, can I take Amrit on 300th anniversry?"The son replied,"Mother! Wat is more better than doin this.Take Amrit!"The mother replied, "When I come home wearing a...
  5. spnadmin

    National Affairs: Kes? Yes~ (The Way It Was In 1952)

    National Affairs: Kes? Yes! National Affairs: Kes? Yes! - TIME Kes? Yes! As one of the few Sikhs ever born in Boston, 22-year-old Walter Israel NeHalsingh speaks English with a Back Bay accent and has dropped many of his warrior caste's ancient ways. Walter's India-born father is a Harvard...
  6. S

    Do Sahijdhari Have To Keep Kes?

    I have heard mixed things on this. Is there anyone who can clear it up for me?
  7. A

    Turban Clinic To Help Youth "get It Right"

    Turban clinic to help youth get it right-India-The Times of India NEW DELHI: There are salons to advise one about hairstyles. But what about salons on how to wear turbans? And to keep up with the latest trends? A unique salon in Amritsar has the answer to this. Called Turban Clinic, it advises...
  8. Astroboy

    Why I Chose Sikhism?

    Inspiration through Sangat Growing up. Growing up i was the typical punjabi kid you see out there. Had his hair but has no idea why. Just kept my kesh cause my parents made me from a child. Having kesh never really stopped me from being in the "bad crowd". In fact I was usually amongst...
  9. K

    The Longing For Kes By Manvir Singh Khalsa

    THE LONGING FOR KES by Manvir Singh Khalsa 4 years ago I stopped cutting my hair and kept my Kes. What made me keep my hair? What made me feel the yearning to accept my Guru’s image? What made me want to become close with my Guru? As a child I was encouraged to read stories and sing...