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cutting hair

  1. Ryrtt

    It's all a pretty lie

    Hey guys, all your replies on my last thread made me feel a bit better but still after a lot of talk I couldn't convince my parents. Hopefully, next year when I leave for college I'll be able to get a cut. I know it's really petty of me to crib about such a small thing but tbh it's all just...
  2. [In English] Is cutting hair a sin?

    [In English] Is cutting hair a sin?

    We believe everyone should know and experience spiritual bliss for themselves.
  3. L

    A Question About Kes/hair?

    This is a blog to all on a sensative issue. I try to attend the Gurduwara when my studies permit and I find that within our sikh communtity there is a minority of amritdhari and kes wearing singhs and kaurs who look down upon people like me with cut hair. I also would like to know about where I...