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Learn Punjabi A Great App For Learning Gurmukhi And Some Basic Vocabulary

Harkiran Kaur


Jul 21, 2012
This is an Android App. IT's only 1.98 so you can't expect a whole lot of vocabulary, but it does have a lot of basic vocabulary like numbers, greetings, basic questions etc. But the reason I like it is the interface for learning Gurmukhi! I can actually now recognize quite a few letters, and I am starting to be able to sound out the words phoneticallyin Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (even if I don't know what all the words mean).

The interface for Gurmukhi gives you a board, where you can trace the letter to learn to write it, you can click a button to hear the letter, and click an image to see a word where that letter is used.

My only beef is that it does not get into the vowels... at all. I think its kind of important to know how the vowel accents change the sounds. I am starting to recognize some just by seeing them in words (like the candycane shape pointing to the left is the 'i' sound like 'eee') but I didn't learn that from the app. I just noticed it on my own. The app SHOULD have a section just for the vowels.

But what can you expect for 1.98??? It's still WELL worth the price!!!


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