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  1. K

    Basic Questions About Converting To Sikhism

    hello my name is michael I am French and proud to be ;) I live in the countryside I come from a Catholic family and atheist there is of it a few months I discovered Sikhism and how you say I accept the precept that belief and finally found a life paths I wish I still accurate in the study of...
  2. Harkiran Kaur

    Learn Punjabi A Great App For Learning Gurmukhi And Some Basic Vocabulary

    This is an Android App. IT's only 1.98 so you can't expect a whole lot of vocabulary, but it does have a lot of basic vocabulary like numbers, greetings, basic questions etc. But the reason I like it is the interface for learning Gurmukhi! I can actually now recognize quite a few letters, and...
  3. N

    Islam Basic Concepts In Islam

    Allah Allah is the name of God. Some people ascribe false attributes to Allah. We Muslims have our knowledge of Allah through what He revealed in the Holy Qura'n or through Prophet Muhammad (e, Salalahu Alihi Wasallam. SAW, peace be upon him). "Allah, there is no god save Him, the Alive...
  4. spnadmin

    Legal Reading Is Basic To Democracy

    Krishna Kumar The teaching of reading during early childhood — when attitudes, habits and skills acquire life-long foundations — assumes crucial significance for the efficient functioning of democracy. Literacy is the foundation of school education but in our country the term ‘literacy'...
  5. Vikram singh

    Opinion Basic Rights Of A Human Being (Water)

    Water Scarcity in Lehra Gaga Shariq Majeed Tribune News Service Lehra Gaga (Sangrur), May 16 With mercury continuing to rise every passing day, residents of Lehra Gaga in Sangrur district are grappling with water shortage.Locals say not only are they face water shortage every 2-3 months...
  6. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Basic Principles Of Sikhism ?

    Just how Basic are the Basic Principles of Sikhism... Dear All Gurfateh. The 3 Basic principles are Naam jappo Kirt Karo Waand Chhako. These three are not as "SUPERFICIALLY UNDERSTOOD" as just Repeat the Naam - Waheguru... Work Share/take out daswandh... Actually these are More...
  7. Navdeep88

    FreeWill As Per Gurbani

    If Waheguru ji controls everything, if a leaf cannot even move without his will...why do we go astray and make big mistakes? are those also of his will? were we meant to wander away? if in the physical world, every breeze, every ripple in an ocean is predestined and by his will alone... what...
  8. G

    General Basic Sikhi

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh The message of Sikhi - incorporated in Guru Granth Sahib - is not limited to any nation, people or religion. It is a universal message for every seeker of truth regardless of her or his background and sexual orientation. ▪ The founder of Sikhi, Guru...
  9. Astroboy

    Sikhism: Basic Terms And Concepts

    Kirtan O my mind, perform only such Kirtan, which will be of use to you here and hereafter (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji 236). Some sing of the Lord, through musical Ragas and the sound current of theNaad, through the Vedas, and in so many other ways. But the Lord, is not pleased by...
  10. S

    Basic Of Sikhism

    SCANNEDhttp://www.allaboutsikhs.comKindly refer the above link for excellent write ups.
  11. L

    Basic Sikhi Revisited-II

    SIKHISM AND CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS OF RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY (In the context of the 21st century) [source: sikhnet.com] Dr N Muthu Mohan 1. INTRODUCTION The problem of one and many is one of the basic problems of philosophy both eastern and western. It can be ascertained that the problem is as...
  12. M

    Basic Sikh Beliefs

    Sadh sangat I am trying to put together an article about basic sikh beleiefs. Its incomplete still as I need to write about Guru and Gursikh. Please provide your feedback - it will be read by prospective sikhs - (people cusious about sikhi but dont know much ) Basic Sikh Beliefs: The sikh set...