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Basic Principles Of Sikhism ?

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Just how Basic are the Basic Principles of Sikhism...

Dear All

The 3 Basic principles are
Naam jappo
Kirt Karo
Waand Chhako.

These three are not as "SUPERFICIALLY UNDERSTOOD" as just

Repeat the Naam - Waheguru...
Share/take out daswandh...

Actually these are More complete...akin to Mansions full of rooms...each ahs so many facets..subs...

Naam jappo.... a person who just repeats the Naam..and thinks its done with is just scratching the very top surface...IF a Farmer did that to his KHET..his crops would be MINIMAL...maybe almost NIL "jharr" or fruits.
A Good Farmer goes DEEPER..uses the Hall..the PLOGH to dig up deep into the soil of his KHET...turning the soil up and down..

Our BODY is the KHET...and Gurbani also tells us what we SOW..we shall REAP..and much much MORE.

Now IF the BODY is the KHET....then we have to use the "hall" PLOUGH to till the Soil...we have to go deeper..Naam MUST PERMEATE deep down...into the very FOUNDATIONS of the BODY-KHET-FARM....the "naam seed" will then flourish.

Just as a Farmer who has the welfare of his farm at heart..the Naam jappan waala will also look after his BODY-KHET with all his love and care.....a Naam jappan Waala will be a Human Being with a Heart of GOLD...like Bhagat Pooran Singh Pingalwarra for instance. That "inner viison..paras gold inside is a direct result of the NAAM Jappo. As such a Naam jappo walla will always be READY to DEFEND the weak..the oppressed..the lowly..the downtrodden...He will never get Angry..Jealous..fight with others..try and IMPOSE his will upon others..act in situations like a BULLY..a TYRANT...Zalim..akirtghan..etc etc

ALL these NEGATIVE QUALITIES just CANNOT SURVIVE in a Naam jappo person..just as WEEDS just CANNOT GROW in a field of a GOOD FARMER...whatever weeds grow..the Farmer is VIGILANT and pulls them out by the ROOTS immediately...so will a Naam jappo wallah "farmer pull out by the roots..the split second he feels..anger...krodh...lobh...moh...hankaar...etc etc etc..

Just SEE how Big a MANSION..this First Principle of Guru nanak Ji's GURMATT really is...so many facets, rooms !! and many modern "sikhs" reduce this mansion to just a "small room" of a 3 bedroom house ( other two "rooms" being kirt karo and waand chhako). Naam Jappo covers such a WIDE AREA...its impossible to cover it all..even in a huge Book....thats is why Gurbani stresses it again and again...its a PRACTICAL PRINCIPLE..not a "repetitive Mantar"....we have to PRACTISE IT...the PRACTISE SHOWS ( just as a person who practises weight loss exercises..will SHOW a reduction in his weight soon enough..BUT IF he is just "Talking about it/repeating the words..I wish i were THINNER..thinner..and doesnt do any PRACTICE....his WEIGHT will show he is a FRAUD ) Simialrly one who just "repeats" the Naam and doesnt PRACTISE IT..in his daily LIFE..will still be full of ANGER, KRODH, MISUSE his Kakaars to hurt and bring down hsi opponents, lobhee, have moh..kaam etc etc and all these will SHOW..no matter what tactics and banna he wears to hide it...

2. Similarly KIRT KARO..is not simply a Principle to do work..earn a honest living. KIRT has so many FACETS..one is to do physical work..what we all do..a teacher teaches..a doctor treats the sick..an engineer builds bridges, computers..a granthi reads the scriptures..a pharmacist sells medicines...et c etc..etc.. Everyone does this sort of work..( except the haad haramis/ lazy ones and wehlarr quacks and BEGGARS - social as well as religious ones ) One Major REASON why Guru nanak Ji made us HOUSEHOLDERS...a single person finds it easier to be become a wehlarr mangta..saadh..sadhu..beggar etc..BUT a Married man with Family is less likely to resort to hat line of " kirt"..ALL religious beggars beg from Householders houses - and Guur nanak Ji RESCUED us from this INDIGNITY by making us the "GIVERS" and not the beggars.

Next facet of Kirt is DHARAM dee kirt...all work must be "under the THUMB of RELIGION..dharam. Thus a Dharam controlled Teacher will never be Late, never be absent without reason, never cheat/allow his students to cheat at exams,..etc etc...a Dharam controlled Doctor will never abort female foetus for money..never do extra operations just to make money, never over-charge his patients, may offer free treatment to poor patients..etc etc..a dharam controlled Pharmacist will never sell fake drugs, over charge, cheat illeterate perosns etc etc... a Dharam controlled Granthi will never flip pages and say paath finished, do ardass while his mind is somewhere else..never steal from the goluck, etc etc..and SO ON...

KIRT then also covers the Fisrt Principle..Naam Jappo...the second principle is INTERLINKED to this second one..like a chain-link !! The Naam has to be Japped like KIRT..Honest Labour of the MIND... the MIND has to be at full attention while the Naam is being japped...the LOVE of the naam has to be GENUINE..not just flipping the maala mankeh..beads of malas..or clicking away at counters to keep record of number of naams japped..etc etc...Again Dharam has to be UPPERMOST..even in Namm KIRT...

Then comes the Last link in this chain..Waand Chhako...this is NOT just share..oh i have two rotis..i give one to the dog..i did my Waand Chhako Principle justice...or i gave 10 cents to the beggar..i have done my waand chhako..or i Matha tek 10 Rs to the Kar sewa baba tokree..i have done my share...all this is just SUPERFICIAL attention to waand chhako. Waand Chhako is much much more than just simple "sharing"....we can waand chhako..our TIME....share our TIME with the poor..the unfortunate..the sick...as Bhagat Pooran Singh Pingalwarra did ....we can nurse the wounded..as Bhai Ghaniyah ji did...we can share the pain of someone hurt due to parents death..death of the wife..son..daughter..we can share the grief of a student who failed his exam... we are WAANDING..and CHHAKOING the GRIEF..the PAIN...and making that LESS..while we waand chhako our happiness and spread the LAUGHTER....grief is less by sharing..happiness is greater via sharing !!! This is also Waand Chhako !!

A SIKH who has understood the intricasies of this THIRD PRINCIPLE of Guru nanak Ji..will also NEVER be a ZALIM..jelaous..tyrant..injust..bully...gangster..who will take out his kirpan and stab someone under the mistaken beleif that he is protecting his Gurus "honour"...instead he will...spread the LOVE that GURBANI has grown in him..he will spread the Genuine Desire to protect his GURU by not being angry..jealous..unruly..a bully a gangster..a mobster...He will Waand Chhako Happiness..LOVE..Examplary BEHAVIOUR...so that even a NON-SIKH wants to convert to Sikhi by watching him act SIKH..act GURMUKH..act exactly like Guru Ji teaches us in Gurbani....as a Brahmgyani...saint..shaant..cool..loving...the REAL SANT-SIPAHIS.

So Guru Piayario Jios..there is a LOT more to all this "basic Principles" of Sikhism..they are NOT all that "basic"...they are Huge Palaces..with beautiful rooms, gardens, water-fountains....one can wander all day and never reach the end...ENJOY the JOURNEY !!..ALL the DIRECTIONS are in the SGGS...Page 1- 1429 !!

Happy Vasakhi..and..Dont Forget to Naam Jappo..kirt karo..and Waand chhako !! the RIGHT WAY as...taught.... in SGGS.

Jarnail Singh:happysingh::happykudi::veryhappymunda:

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