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    Sikh News Canadian Sikh Leader Says People Still Fear Terror In Their Midst (AFP Via Yahoo! News)

    Many Canadian Sikhs know who planted bombs on two Air India planes 20 years ago, killing 331 people, but refuse to come forward in fear of terrorist reprisals, a Sikh community spokesman said...
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    Sikh News Sikhs Call Thai Capital Their Home

    ... Sikhism preaches universal equality and regards all religions and people as equal ... Jaspal Singh Sachthep, the temple's leader, is a third-generation Thai Sikh. ...
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    Sikh News It Is Time Fro Britons To Pitch Their Tabernacle

    Our once monochrome society has been hugely enriched by Britain's new religious and ethnic minorities: Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Buddhist, Jain, Zoroastrian and ...,,3933-1521284,00.html
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    Sikh News Our Pongal, Their Pongal, What Pongal? Our Pongal, their Pongal, what Pongal? Calcutta Telegraph, India - 6 hours ago ... Panchayat Office. Langar khana. Sikh volunteers from Gurudwara Ratwara Sahib, Chandigarh, are making a valiant attempt to prepare pongal. ...
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    Sikh News Everyone's Doing Their Bit To Help Everyone's doing their bit to help Kenilworth Weekly News, UK - 16 hours ago ... The aid will go to Sikh relief organisation Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Birmingham, which will send off a shipment bound for Sri...
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    The Majority: Do Their Opinions Have Merit?

    Me and a friend of mine were having a discussion, the topic was about music. He maintains that if the majority were to positively regard something, then there must be some merit to it. If the masses tend to appreciate something (like a certain band or song maybe), then obviously it must have...
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    Sikh News Sikhs In US Gradually Rediscover Their Identitiy Post-9/11

    New York, Sept.27 : He begins with a shocker. "In retrospect, and at the risk of being branded a saidst, 9/11 was probably a good thing to have happened for our community," drawls Aminder Singh in that oh-so-typically cultivated American accent. But if that accent integrates him into the...
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    Which Religions Will Last In Their Current Forms?

    Simple question. Which of the current crop of world religions will be around in a recognisable form in 1000 years time from now, and what features of them do you think contribute to their durability? Or if you prefer, what characteristics of specific current religions do you think will...
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    Islam If Muslims Loved Their Faith Like Sikhs

    Hi I struct upon this post on a Muslim forum... its very interesting... :-)
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    Why Are Religionists So Insecure? Any Criticism Of Their Faith

    Someone asked...
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    Why Do Religionist Preach About Their Religion

    Why do religionist preach about their religion frequently chastising others for being so full of sins like the ego when they themselves are so full of ego? How is it they can chastise without seeing their own true characters? What makes them blind to this?
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    Why Sikhs Do Not Cut Their Hair But They Cut Their Nails?

    Q: Why Sikhs do not cut their hair but they cut their nails? A: It is often argued that hair and nails are similar, but even a superficial study of the two shows them to be extremely different from each other. Hair is not a hindrance to anyone. Because hair can be placed in a bun and kept...