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Islam If Muslims Loved Their Faith Like Sikhs

Jul 10, 2004

I struct upon this post on a Muslim forum... its very interesting... :)

...Victories might come more often...

It was a very renowned scholar who said that for whatever the Sikhs may be, Kaffir or otherwise, their adherence to their creed is something which Muslims should respect and envy...

And nowhere is it more evident than in this newsstory...

I can bet that the majority of their women would have more dignity and class than many Muslim women of today...

Two Sikhs Win Back Jobs Lost by Wearing Turbans

Two Sikhs who were told they could not wear turbans on the job as traffic enforcement agents will be reinstated and allowed to wear their turbans, their advisers said yesterday.

The two unrelated cases followed different routes through the legal system but essentially involved similar allegations: both men said they were denied exemptions from police uniform rules for their turbans, a central element of daily religious practice for Sikh men. One, Amric Singh Rathour, was dismissed. The other, Jasjit Singh Jaggi, left his job.

Mr. Jaggi, 36, was the valedictorian of his class at the Police Academy. He filed a complaint with the city's Commission on Human Rights. Mr. Rathour, 28, sued the city in federal court on grounds of religious discrimination.

The Police Department decided not to appeal the commission's decision, the city's Law Department said. Mr. Jaggi, who has worked as a motel manager in Killington, Vt., since he walked off his traffic job in 2002, said yesterday that police officials called him on Monday and offered to reinstate him and work out a way for him to wear the turban on the job.

Truly a great man...I have developed a great appreciation for the importance Sikhs place in their beliefs...

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