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Why Do Religionist Preach About Their Religion

Jun 1, 2004
Why do religionist preach about their religion frequently chastising others for being so full of sins like the ego when they themselves are so full of ego? How is it they can chastise without seeing their own true characters? What makes them blind to this?
Jun 1, 2004
Sikhs have hardly preached worldwide... thats why we are in minority. What do you call ego...? I agree, banning a member for qualified questions is bad and you know I am talking about which forum... but people live life according to their own faiths and beliefs... You must be aware of concept of Sangat... a group of people with similar thoughts... even within sikhism there are many schools of thoughts but then they have a right to practice their own faith... Remember when Guru Gobind Singh asked for five heads... He did not order the congression to join Khalsa'ism, He only asked the congression to join and He did not condemn, those who did not join Khalsa'ism. He did say that He loves Khalsa more than Sikhs but still not everbody can be a supreme warrior... not everybody can have same calibre... some are good in writing history books, some become leaders... some preach... its the diversity of human mind that made Guru Gobind Singh ask for five heads and He did not use pick or chose policy... He only sought for the Volunteers and many people followed the Guru and many subsided... But do you think Guru Gobind Singh did not protect those who could embrace Khalsa'ism ? I don't think so... There were may people in His army who even provided first aid to the wounded enemy...

Nobody is blind to anything... If you feel happy in the congression of FFI members criticing eveything then Sikhs also have a right to have their own group of people with common interests... If you do not fit into their scheme of things, then you should not feel left out... it life... not a big deal to develop negavatism...

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