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  1. Archived_Member16

    Science & Spirituality

    Science & Spirituality Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.* * US based Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa is trained in anesthesiology and acupuncture, and is the President of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Foundation International. He is the author of four critically acclaimed best-selling books – Brain Longevity...
  2. Astroboy

    Sowing Seeds Of Faith

    One day a Sidh Yogi went to see Guru Amar Das and said, "O Guru, ever since you have been enthroned, I have longed to see you. Today I am blessed to have my longing fulfilled. I have fasted, I have undergone great hardships, yet still I have not found peace. Iwish to have peace of mind and to...
  3. Archived_Member16

    Spiritual Quest: January 15, 2008

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Just One One song can spark a moment One flower can wake the dream One tree can start a forest One bird can herald spring One smile begins a friendship One handclasp lifts a soul One star can guide a ship at sea One word can frame the goal One vote can change a nation One...
  4. Archived_Member16

    Managing Fear With Spirit

    Managing Fear With Spirit Our society is challenged as never before. Anxiety fills the air so thick we can feel it around us. Our sense of safety has been undermined, and along with it our sense of control. We lived under the illusion of control for so long that we may have come to...
  5. Archived_Member16

    Power On

    Power On Each day we all need to recharge our spiritual battery, otherwise the light of our consciousness becomes dim, thoughts become fuzzy, and decisions are impregnated with doubt. Power is available inside and outside. Inside us we have a spiritual centre, at the core of our consciousness...
  6. Astroboy

    Poetry Poetry Corner

    If Guru Nanak Came Back Today http://www.mrsikhnet.com/mp3player/poetry/if%20guru%20nanak%20came%20back%20today%20-%20by%20guru%20kirin%20kaur.mp3
  7. Astroboy

    Esoteric Science

    The Experiential/Phenomenological Approach of Mysticism M.Alan Kazlev Science uses experiment and confirmation (or falsification). In esotericism however this is not easily possible. Sri Aurobindo may have experienced the Overmind (Noetic Reality), and Adi Da the Radiant Transcendental Being...
  8. Archived_Member16

    Living A Spiritual Life: A Path, Not A Destination

    source: http://health.discovery.com/centers/althealth/spiritualheal/living.html Living a Spiritual Life: A Path, Not a Destination By Bobbie Lieberman "Everyone is on a spiritual path; most people just don't know it." — Marianne Williamson "There comes a time in the evolution of every...
  9. Archived_Member16

    Faith Has Its Reasons

    Faith has its reasons KHUSHWANT SINGH Saturday, July 14, 2007 - THE TRIBUNE MY grandmother used to say her morning prayer (Japji) while churning a large earthen pot to make butter and buttermilk (lassi). She often paused to examine its contents to see how it was turning out. I wondered if...
  10. Archived_Member16

    Self-empowerment Through Spirituality

    source: View Page Self-empowerment through spirituality Dr. Amrit Kaur Raina* * M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. Research Scholar, Major Research Project U.G.C. Spirituality is a wide term which encompasses the entire vista of man’s life, i.e. physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social...
  11. Archived_Member16

    What Is Spirituality ?

    http://www.peterussell.com/Weaver/WeaverSpirituality.php What is Spirituality? The essence of spirituality is the search to know our true selves, to discover the real nature of consciousness. This quest has been the foundation of all the great spiritual teachings, and the goal of all the...
  12. Archived_Member16

    Spirituality Studied From A Neurological Perspective

    The Winnipeg Free Press Online Edition Spirituality studied from a neurological perspective Sun Jan 28 2007 By Joann Loviglio PHILADELPHIA -- Religion and science can combine to create some thorny questions: Does God exist outside the human mind, or is God a creation of our brains? Why...
  13. E

    Diet And Spirituality

    DIET AND SPIRITUALITY By "Davinder Singh" slok mÚ 1 ] kil hoeI kuqy muhI Kwju hoAw murdwru ] kUVu boil boil Baukxw cUkw Drmu bIcwru ] ijn jIvMidAw piq nhI muieAw mMdI soie ] iliKAw hovY nwnkw krqw kry su hoie ] In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, people have faces like dogs; they eat dead...
  14. Admin

    Wonders Of Sikh Spirituality Come Alive

    Sikhism, the world’s fifth-largest organized religion, has more than 20 million followers. Many thousands live in New York City. We can spot Sikh men on the street by their turbans and upswept whiskers. And many of us will recall that two decades ago Sikhs were at the center of the news when the...
  15. Admin

    Spiritual Ego: Our First Entry Into The Realms Of Spirituality

    Friday, October 20, 2006 When we make our first entry into the realms of spirituality, there comes a certain feeling of excitement, and along with it a bit of superiority for having done what the masses have not. Instead of feeling...
  16. D

    Misery As A Guidance In Spirituality

    Misery as a guidance in Spirituality The ignorant person invites happiness and wants to avoid misery with the help of God. The priests are exploiting this at a micro level and some of the present spiritual preachers are exploiting the same point at the macro level in a dignified way. A...
  17. D

    Religion & Spirituality

    [/FONT] Every Religion in this world wants you to get rid of bad qualities at least from today for the admission into that religion which is practically impossible. The reason is that these bad qualities were grown like hills for the past millions of births. This small human life is...
  18. Archived_Member16

    Spirituality & How To Develop & Strengthen It

    What is spirituality ? Spirituality is the: Inward sense of a power or spirit greater than you who has the whole world, your environment, and you in His hands. This greater power and spirit is God. God is what you believe Him to be. God is the power greater than you upon whom you can...
  19. D

    Atheism Spirituality , Secularism & Capitalism

    Secularism really means that the same medicine is present in every cup and you can take the medicine present in all the cups with equal liking. Secularism also means that you can take the medicine from any cup and respect other cups with equality. But the present secularism has ended in a...
  20. S

    Sikh News Sikhism, The Zenith Of Eastern Cultivational Spirituality

    ... Chronologically, the Sikh religion is the last major religion to develop in the Indian subcontinent and in the world. Due to this ... http://www.indolink.com/displayArticleS.php?id=022405022239