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  1. aristotle

    Bahadur Shah Zafar's Punjabi Connection

    Punjabi poetry traces its origin from the hymns of Naath-Jogis, the wandering renunciates and the likes of Baba Farid, whose poetry gave a new dimension to this great language. Not only in the Punjab, but elsewhere in the subcontinent too, Punjabi has always been seen with a sense of respect...
  2. spnadmin

    Partition Sing Your Song Bulleh Shah! Navtej Sarna Takes A Fresh Look At The Partition In Book On Punjab's His

    Sing Your Song, Bulle Shah A history of Punjab hastens through the Mughals, ponders over its rich heritage and the Sikh empire, examines the colonials and lingers over its bloody division Navtej Sarna http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?288191 PUNJAB—A HISTORY FROM AURANGZEB TO...
  3. A

    Gurudwara Amr Shah Singh At Jhanda Ram Street, Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan

    Can any one please read the plaque above and translate it for me. I cannot read Gurmukhi and the plaque is in Gurmukhi. It is installed in Gurudwara Amr Shah Singh at Jhanda Ram Street, Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Ambarsaria

    (In Punjabi/ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) Koday Shah (1953) Punjabi Movie Songs

    ‪Patter Te Leek Ae... (Kode Shah)‬‏ - YouTube ‪Kachi Kali Te Nazuk Dill Mera... (Kode Shah)‬‏ - YouTube ‪Ched De Tu Mera Dupatta... (Kode Shah)‬‏ - YouTube ‪Way Mein Gul... (Kode Shah)‬‏ - YouTube ‪O Jatta Aae Besakhi... (Kode Shah)‬‏ - YouTube...
  5. spnadmin

    Travel A Walk In The Shah Alam Market

    Stepping into the winding lanes inside Shah Alam Market is like stepping back in time. The streets at some points are barely a yard wide with buildings rising four stories on both sides. And the market is congested like no other place here. It's a glimpse of Lahore as it existed nearly a hundred...
  6. spnadmin

    USA WSC-AR Statement On Shameful Altercation At Makhan Shah Lubana Sikh Center

    by Dr. Manohar Singh Chairperson, World Sikh Council – America Region The World Sikh Council - America Region (WSC-AR), representing 47 member Gurdwaras and Sikh organizations, strongly denounces the violence that erupted at Makhan Shah Lubana Sikh Center in Queens, New York on April 24...
  7. Ambarsaria

    Hypothetical: Could Some/most Of Bulley Shah's Writings Say Something Similar To Sikhism

    Bulleh Shah is believed to have been born in 1680, in the small village of Uch, Bahawalpur, Punjab, in present day Pakistan. Bulleh! Ki Jaana Maen Kaun (with lyrics) ~ Rabbi Shergill YouTube - Bulleh! Ki Jaana Maen Kaun (with lyrics) ~ Rabbi Shergill GIST: Baba Bulley Shah gives a...
  8. R

    Bhayaa Deewana Shah Ka

    Sat Sri Akal my fellow SPN'ers! I'm hoping I've posted this where it should be. Although I'm sure the marvellous admin will move it if required :grinningkaur: I came across this shabad the other day, and was simply blown away by it's beauty. I just thought I'd share it with you guys. I...
  9. Admin

    Pir Buddhu Shah In The Court Of Guru Gobind Singh

    According to the Bikrami calendar (lunar calendar) the actual date fluctuates and the birthday can occur twice in a given year due to accumulating errors in calendar calculations. The Nanakshahi calendar designed by a Ph.D physicist is the most accurate calendar designed so far. The scene in...
  10. spnadmin

    Politics Breaking: Rajiv Shah For USAID Administrator

    Breaking: Rajiv Shah for USAID administrator An administration official has confirmed that Rajiv Shah will be nominated to be the next administrator of USAID. POLITICO reported yesterday that the 36-year-old USDA chief scientist and undersecretary for research, education...
  11. S

    Sikh News Dargah Sher Shah Wali, An Edifice Of Communal Harmony In Punjab (ANI Via Yahoo! India

    By Ravi Khandelwal Ferozepur, Oct.16 (ANI): Ferozepur, a place where the British first established their rule in 1835, is also known for its holy shrines and historical places. One of the most revered places here is Dargah Hazrat Sher Shah Wali, a Sufi shrine. The Sufi shrine, dedicated to Sufi...
  12. N

    A Verse From Baba Bulleh Shah

    Rab banday vich aivey vasda, Jinve kapde vich roo Aape aap noo waja maarey Aap kare hoo hoo Baba Bulleh Shah ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
  13. dalsingh

    Bulleh Shah Witnesses Rise Of Khalsa

    This is interesting. Apparently written by Bulleh Shah (1680-1757), a famous sufi who was a contemporary of Guru Gobind and lived in the Panjab after the Gurus passing and witnessed the rise of the Khalsa misls himself. "Ulte hor zamane aaye, Hun asaan bhed sajjan de paaye. | (sajjan=beloved)...
  14. drkhalsa

    Sikh News Retracing The Glory Of Shah Mohammad

    Retracing the glory of Shah Mohammad Tribune News Service With a Shah Mohammad Festival dedicated to Sardar Majithia on the anvil, its time Punjab remembered the poet from Amritsar who wrote ‘Jangnama’— an eyewitness account of the first Anglo-Sikh War, says Varinder Walia It took more than a...
  15. Arvind

    Islam Interview With Makhdum Syed Chan Shah Pir Qadri

    Interview with Makhdum Syed Chan Shah Pir Qadri http://www.theamericanmuslim.org/2005oct_comments.php?id=909_0_40_0_C Interview with Makhdum Syed Chan Shah Pir Qadri By Yoginder Sikand Memories of the carnage of 1947 are still deeply etched in the minds of many Muslims and Sikhs, moulding...
  16. N

    Sikh News Rabbi Shergill: Bulleh Shah For Gen Now

    He is one of a kind. He neither looks nor speaks like a pop star. He writes his own songs. He blends strains of rock music with the depth of Punjabi Sufi lyrics as if they were always meant to go together. Meet Rabbi Shergill, the twenty-something, handsome, bespectacled Sikh lad who promises to...
  17. N

    Sikh News Shah Mohammad's Memory

    3-day Indo-Pak festival in Shah Mohammad's memory Varinder Walia Tribune News Service Wadala (Amritsar), October 30 No trace has been left of legendary Punjabi poet Shah Mohammad, who had authored "Jangnama", an eyewitness account of a battle between the British and the army of Maharaja...